Disconnection is a Drag..

Tim Ahlenius Tim Ahlenius | April 29, 2016 Comments
New Customers
Even though the digital world is ever changing, one business question still remains the same:

How do you connect with potential customers?

Businesses are faced with a multitude of marketing channels to choose from and the subsequent raw data that is generated by those channels. Each individual interaction through these channels is important but it’s often extremely difficult to “connect the dots”.

In order for your business to grow and gain new customers, you need to engage on a consistent, coherent, and personalized basis with them. Your internal team needs to have access to the collected data in a centralized platform to not only look at the larger picture, but also to drill down to individual user data. They need tools to realistically analyze information, predict future customer interaction, and plan their next steps.

Sitecore AIDA (Analysis/Insight/Decisions/Automation) marketing performance optimization technology can help your team overcome the problems of data disconnection.  

  • Analysis - You can analyze customer experiences, knowing that you have comprehensive data to measure the performance of content, experiences, and campaigns.
  • Insight - Get meaningful insights from every customer interaction so you can give customers what they want, when they want it.
  • Decision - Test, measure, decide, and act quickly. Deliver the most-relevant experiences by tracking goals and personalizing content to become increasingly predictive in producing compelling customer experiences. 
  • Automation - Enables you to buld a one-to-one relationship with each of hundreds or thousands of customers and respond immediately to their actions.
Sitecore can help your team work together on marketing and sales goals and gain important insight. By having access to the all the data within a single system, everyone is able to speak the same language and connect with each other and your customers.
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