Why Brand Experience Should Be Your Ultimate Goal

Tim Ahlenius Tim Ahlenius | March 23, 2016 Comments
Brand Experience

Last time we learned that most companies are doing some kind of Digital Marketing, primarily focused on attracting customers. This is a good first step, but it can’t end there. Not if you want to push past what your competitors are doing and succeed in converting (Experience Marketing) and then engaging your customers (Brand Experience).

Below are some mistakes that are commonly made at the Digital Marketing stage:

  • Your content is more than likely to be company centric, meaning that it is all about us (the company) and not about you (the customer).
  • Your channels are silos. Your website is not coordinated with your social media which is not coordinated with your online ads and so on.
  • Your messaging is uncoordinated which causes brand/identity confusion.
  • Your customer segments are also siloed.

All of this leads to a customer experience that is disrupted across contexts.

Experience Marketing does bring to the table many of the facets that are missing from Digital Marketing but doesn’t quite pull it all together:

  • It provides a consistent experience across contexts.
  • These experiences are personalized.
  • Channels that are used are those that are preferred by the visitor.
  • Messaging is coordinated through marketing channels, but inconsistent across offline channels.
  • The company views customer segments, but marketing establishes a single view of the customer.

Brand Experience pulls all of the threads together to create a complete and engaging customer experience.

  • Experiences are personalized and predictive across online and offline touch points.
  • Again channels that are used are those preferred by the visitor.
  • Messaging creates a consistent experience at all touch points.
  • The organization sees a single view of each unique customer.

Now that we know why Brand Experience should be your ultimate goal, how do you get there? It might seem like quite a leap to get from Digital to Experience Marketing, much less to get from Experience to Brand Marketing. Next we’ll look at the three pillars that will help you move from Digital Marketing to Experience Marketing and an overview of the roadmap to Brand Marketing.

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