It’s The Little Things

Tim Ahlenius Tim Ahlenius | September 24, 2015 Comments
We’ve all heard of it in some variation or another. The outrageous marriage proposal where the man goes all out to impress his fiance to be. He takes her to an exotic beach, spells her name in the sand, hires a band to play their favorite song, and then boom – he pops the question. She cries and says “Yes!” and then it’s wedding bells and they are off to happily ever after land.

End of story.

Oh, if it were that easy! People tend to forget that happily ever after can last as long as 50 years which adds up to a lot of minutes, hours, and days spent together. As you dream of spending the rest of your life with Jane, how you make it all work after the wedding bells have stopped ringing takes place in the details. It’s the little things you do now and in the future that are going to help keep your relationship with Jane cruising along.

So what little things do you need to know about your customers in order to find communication nirvana? We’ve been talking about Sitecore’s AIDA (Analysis/Insight/Decisions/Automation) marketing performance optimization technology and how the gathering of customer data puts you on the path to making a constant and vibrant connection with your customers. Now let’s look at how to make the details of your customers’ interactions with your marketing channels work for you.

By knowing such aspects as language, IP address, day/time, device, keywords, location, referral source, and more, you can better analyze interactions and deliver more relevant content. You can set up rules based targeting and get closer to your customers’ wants with each step. Even if you don’t know exactly who is visiting your site, patterns can be identified and used to personalize the content based upon their interests.

Another way to make your data work for you is behavioral targeting. With this option you can customize your customers’ experiences whether it is through emails, social media, mobile, or website based upon what they are looking at and figuring out what they are looking for. These are the type of insights that will make your marketing easier and more effective. Like I said, it’s the little things that make all the difference in the long run.

Ask us today how Sitecore can help you make your customer relationships last!

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