Sitecore/BCU Webinar

Staff Blogs Staff | April 08, 2015 Comments
Sitecore BCU recently teamed up with our partner, Sitecore, and our customer, Baxter Credit Union (BCU), for the "How BCU Increased Member Engagement Using Sitecore and Azure" webinar. During this webinar we discussed how BCU transformed the way that they interact with their members and have planned for personalization by leveraging Sitecore’s web content management tools, while also utilizing Microsoft’s Azure solution. Great insight was also shared as to how, a Sitecore Platinum Partner, implemented both the Sitecore and Azure solutions for the BCU organization.

 In this webinar recording, you will learn about:

• The scalability, flexibility, and reliability of Azure
• What to consider when hosting in the cloud
• The results BCU has seen by implementing the Sitecore solution and hosting through the Azure cloud

 Listen to the recording here to see how the Sitecore solution, hosted by Microsoft Azure, and implemented by can have a powerful impact on your digital marketing journey!

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