Get Ready to Spring Clean Your Website!

Rachel-B-Web Rachel Bennett | March 03, 2017 Comments

As we long for summer days and move past the cold of winter, we’re thinking about spring cleaning – not only our homes but our websites! We’re here to help you ensure your site is appealing and easy to use as we move into springtime, with a few top tips below.

Super Search Tips

Good search functionality is essential to helping your customers or users find what they’re looking for on your site, and to providing a good overall user experience.

For many of our customers using advanced search products, it is easy to ensure their search is taking their customers to the most relevant places as search products like Hawk Search allow them to prioritize certain results. If you are not sure your search is working to its best ability and have the option to use this functionality, now could be the perfect time to try it out.   

Clean Up Your SEO

Consider making some simple changes that can help improve your SEO. There are many minor alterations you can make that could impact your visibility on search engine results pages. Some easy changes to make include the following:

  • Add fresh content! Search engines consider new, engaging contetn a quality signal in their ranking algorithm 
  • Fill out the alt text field for all images -  this can also help users on screen readers to understand what the image is.
  • Compress your images. Page speed is a ranking factor and images that are larger file sizes than needed can slow down the website.
  • Ensure your meta descriptions are relevant to your content and include keyords that your users might search for.

Write Readable Content

Take a look at the current content on your site. Is it easy to read? Is it grammatically correct and well-written? If not, take the time to re-write at least your top 5 pages. Make your content easy to read, using clear headings and bullet points. Ensure you write content that others will find valuable and will be keen to share. 

A Picture Paints a Thousand Words

One simple way to freshen up your site is to change your banners or add new imagery. The success of Instagram and Pinterest are clear indicators that today’s online audience are drawn to beautiful images. Invest in professional photography that will speak of the quality of your brand. If you’re an ecommerce store without lifestyle shots of products, consider taking some.  

Check you’re on target with your marketing plan

Many of you will have made a marketing plan at the end of 2016 or the beginning of this year. Now’s the time to check you’ve stayed on target and on schedule so far. If not, consider why this might be and what you can do to make the plan for the coming months more achievable. 

Spring Clean? Spring Overhaul!

Ready for a bigger site overhaul? The team can help you go beyond minor touch-ups and create a site you’re proud to share with your customers. 


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