Last-Minute Cyber Monday Tips for E-Retailers

Rachel-B-Web Rachel Bennett | November 18, 2016 Comments
The holiday season is an incredibly important time of the year for many retailers. A successful few months at peak season can ytruly make a big difference to yearly returns for many businesses. With Cyber Monday quickly approaching, read on for a few tips form on how to make the most of the season of gifts and giving.

Review your holiday marketing calendar

By now you probably have a holiday marketing calendar set. Make sure you review all plans to ensure everything is prepared for the big day. Consider adding in a few more creative components if time permits.

Start a Google Shopping Campaign

According to Power Review, of those that do use search engines to shop, 52% percent will click through to google shopping results. If you're running a Google Shopping Campaign for Cyber Monday, you might want to do one last check to ensure you have a healthy product feed and that your descriptions and titles are properly optimized.

Share and Promote Coupon / Discount Codes

Savvy shoppers will be using discount code sites and apps to find out where best to shop this holiday season, so if this is something you're interested in being a part of, make sure your're visible among the many others promoting codes this year. Offer exclusive codes to certain sites to get your code displayed more prominently, share codes on social media or via email, and consider offering free shipping or stretch and save codes that will encourage a higher spend than your typical basket average.

Be Strategic with Email Marketing

A good email marketing campaign can truly have a significant impact on your sales figures this holiday season. Be sure to schedule your campaigns around pre--planned discount codes, offers and sales, make use of personalization, and make the customers on your email lists feel special, through unique codes for various customer groups and sneak-peak or pre-sale emails especially for them. You might also consider offering a mystery gift to shoppers who spend over a certain amount.

Extend your sale

Treat your last- minute shoppers by extending your sale. As it gets closer to the holidays some shoppers will still have plenty to purchase, and may be more easily influenced to make a quick buying decision if you're offering to help with extended sale dates.

For more specific advice tailored to you, please get in touch. We wish you all the best of luck this holiday season!


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