Halloween is Over: Avoid a Second Scare from DDoS Hackers

Rachel-B-Web Rachel Bennett | November 04, 2016 Comments
On October 21st, numerous websites were targeted by DDoS hackers, causing huge financial loss to those affected. 

What is a DDoS attack?

DDoS (denial of service) attacks prevent legitimate users from accessing certain sites; hackers do this by flooding a site with traffic so that it cannot cope with legitimate use. Some of the most well-known brands around were affected by the recent October DDoS attack – from Twitter to PayPal, Verizon and the New York Times. 

Who do hackers target?

It’s not just well-known names that suffer these attacks - while large businesses might more often be impacted, whether you’re a small local business or a huge corporation, everyone should be prepared for the potential of a DDoS attack by putting in place certain security measures.

What impact could a DDoS attack have on my business?

Americaneagle.com partner Imperva Incapsula provides a range of security products, including exceptional DDoS protection, website protection, name server protection and infrastructure protection. As experts in the security field, Imperva Incapsula has conducted research into the impact of DDoS attacks on the businesses they affect. 

In 2014, Imperva Incapsula compiled a report, called ‘Incapsula Survey: What DDoS Attacks Really Cost Businesses’. This report broke down the cost per hour of a DDoS attack, highlighting that a DDoS attack can result in losses up to $100,000 per hour for some companies!

Considering Imperva Incapsula also state that 49% of DDoS attacks last for 6-24 hours, the costs of facing an attack can have a huge business impact.

As well as significant financial impact, Imperva Incapsula reports that many companies experience reduced customer trust, loss of intellectual property, virus / malware infection, and the need to replace hardware and software due to DDoS attacks.

Prioritize your site security

No matter how happy you are with your site, or how large or small of an audience you have, security is always an important factor to consider. Your website represents your brand and helps you communicate and do business with your customers. Such an essential part of your business needs to be protected from hackers.

The prevalence of DDoS attacks has continued to increase since this 2014 report, and it is likely they will continue to grow into 2017.

If you are not yet protected against DDoS attacks, we can help. We work alongside our partner Imperva Incapsula to provide exceptional security products. For more information on this topic, get in touch with Americaneagle.com today. 


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