Gold Medal Best Practices for an Olympic Standard Site!

Rachel-B-Web Rachel Bennett | August 19, 2016 Comments
Just like every Olympic athlete puts their best foot forward and strives for that gold medal, we wanted to share with you our top 5 best practices to make your website gold-medal worthy.

Keep Content Fresh

Fresh content that captures the interest of your users is essential to website success. If your users are engaged in unique content that you produce, or see you as an authority on a topic they’re interested in, they’re more likely to return to your site, time and time again.

You can also improve your content by giving it a personal touch, choosing to write on topics that are relevant to your audience and by responding to comments left by others.

Fresh, relevant content produced on a regular basis is also great for SEO, particularly when keywords are used strategically in titles and headings.

Design best practices & trends

A golden medal site would follow design best practices and take on site trends that are set to last and appeal to a wide audience.

Large images that your users are drawn to, a clean look and easy navigation are appealing to users and will help ensure visitors stay on your site for the optimum amount of time and return on a regular basis.

Make Search Easy

You want to make finding your products or services as easy as possible for any site visitors, so a good search functionality is essential. Hawk Search, for example, is an easy-to-implement, fast, powerful tool that can help your users find what they are looking for efficiently, minimizing frustration.  Invest in advanced search tools – there’s nothing worse than potential customers leaving your site because they can’t easily find what they need.


Your customers are not happy to wait around – your site needs to be as fast as Michael Phelps swimming to his latest victory.

The performance and speed of your site as it responds to the user on the other side of the monitor should be a key consideration for any site owner.

It is essential to make sure your site is optimized to load quickly and be prepared for traffic spikes that might take down a site – if you’re aware that your site suffers from this problem, you should consider reevaluating your hosting services.

Test and Revise/AB Testing

Just as many athletes try new tactics to improve their performance, you should be testing different things on your site to see what works best!

A/ B Testing is the practice of using a simple scientific method to test which version of your site your users prefer. To do this, our A/ B Testing team would make a single, small change to your site, for example, change the color of your call to action button, and test which color brings about the most clicks.


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