Are You Using Direct Mail To Compliment Your E-commerce Marketing Efforts?

Americaneagle Partner Partner | November 14, 2014 Comments
Direct Mail

As part of an organization’s integrated marketing strategy, Direct Mail can be used as another customer communication touch point to drive consumer behavior, increase loyalty, and enhance the overall e-commerce experience of your customers.

The number of consumers using e-commerce sites to shop for products and services online continues to grow. E-commerce marketing professionals know that getting a potential new customer to their site first is extremely important.  Providing the initial online shopping experience increases the likelihood of developing a long-term bond between that customer and the company’s website.
Gaining access to these new first time shoppers allows the marketers to establish an e-commerce relationship with those customers, gain access to critical consumer data, and increase the likelihood of repeat business as these new customers become familiar and comfortable doing business within the company’s e-commerce environment.  This makes them less likely to explore or switch to a competitors’ website.  

The increase adoption rate of online shopping also amplifies the amount of clutter and static within this fierce marketplace.  Successful e-commerce marketers know much about their existing customers through their current site interactions. The challenge becomes reaching new prospects, engaging lost or inactive customers that abandon their site, or finding fickle, harder to reach consumers who are slow adopters of e-commerce services.

This is where Direct Mail can help…

Direct Mail is an effective way to complement the company’s existing e-commerce marketing elements.  Variable print technology has increased the power of Direct Mail marketing by providing personal content and relevant imaging that resonates with the target audience in a meaningful way.  Through integrated database marketing applications, Direct Mail can produced automated products with marketing messages that are highly customized to an individual and specific to a particular marketing initiative or event.

Marketers can garner information from their existing e-commerce customers and use Direct Mail to communicate with prospects that match existing ideal profiles.  Direct Mail can incorporate personal URLs, QR codes and other information that will drive new customers to their website.  Today’s technology can also incorporate handwritten font that gives the Direct Mail piece a personal message feel.  Special offers and promotions are also used and tracked to measure the effectiveness of the campaign. 

The bottom line is Direct Mail is one great way to get consumers to your e-commerce website!
Are You Using Direct Mail To Compliment Your E-commerce Marketing Efforts?

This blog post was presented by Tony Santonastaso from FCL Graphics.

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