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Password Expiration Date Policy for Sitecore Shell

A recent requirement for a project I’m working on involved enforcing password expiration date policy for Sitecore Shell users, and the client did not want to integrate Active Directory, at least for now. So I did some research and found a useful solution for Sitecore 7 by Mike Reynolds:

However, it did not fit exactly the needed requirements and few things were changed for Sitecore 8, so I had to do it differently.

First, I wanted to change the user interaction with the solution and how to communicate to him why he is being redirected to the “change password” page, so I decompiled the class processor (Sitecore.Pipelines.LoggingIn.CheckStartPage) from Sitecore.Kernel.dll and made these changes:

  • Validate the password last changed date.

  • Added a new error message to “GetErrorMessage” to reflect the need to change the password and wrap it in an anchor.

  • I copied “changepassword.aspx” out of the “Sitecore/login” - as accessing it requires authentication.

  • Decompiled the changepasswore.aspx.c code behind and disabled the authentication check.

  • Modified changepasswore.aspx to display the user name.

And this is the final result:

Sitecore password change

Sitecore password reset

I am working on adding an additional security layer to the solution so I will be updating the repository soon!

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