Video Killed the Social Media Star – An Content Series (Part 2)

Video Blog Part 3

Part 2/5: Creating a Video-First Content Culture

The metrics of video content success are documented and proven. This doesn’t mean a thing, unless you’re taking action.


Organizations often get caught up in the importance of video instead of creating it. Here’s a 3 - step starter guide to creating a video-centric marketing culture.

1.Use the Bare Essentials

Do not invest heavily in camera equipment right off the bat. You have a 4K video camera in your pocket if you have the latest iPhone or Android smartphone. Don’t want to use personal equipment? Get a GoPro – waterproof, resilient, and easier than ever to use with the new GoPro Hero4 Session. You don’t need the best equipment; you need the right equipment that is easiest to use.

2. ABR: Always Be Rolling

Your videos are only as good as the content they capture. Use multiple content producers inside your company to gather new viewpoints, and voices, and funnel them through one editor/marketing manager. Incentivize with contests. Find new viewpoints. Make it fun, informative, or both.

An example would be for a small business - everybody has two hours with the camera this week to showcase their favorite aspect of a new product – most views wins $500!

3. Nothing is Sacred

Don’t get bogged down on one piece! The trick to making a video-centric culture stick is to produce quantity along with quality. It’s important to remember that 15 – 30 second videos on social media only have a lifespan of a few hours. Put hard deadlines in your content calendar, edit ruthlessly, and always ask yourself, “Why would anyone watch this?”

Next time, we’ll talk about distributing your brand new content along with the channels that make the most sense.

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