Sitecore Symposium 2017 in Las Vegas

Ahmed Okour Ahmed Okour | October 23, 2017 Comments

The best is yet to come

This year’s Sitecore Symposium was the biggest yet, with almost 3000 people from 57 different countries in attendance. They announced the new Sitecore 9/xConnect , Sitecore Commerce 9 and Sitecore Experience cloud and many other exciting additions to the platform that will help brands connect with their customers.

Sitecore 9 and xConnect
"The Freedom to engage with your customers"

With the new Sitecore 9 and the all new xConnect service, Sitecore wants to capture data across every screen, device and source, and this will make it easier and cleaner to import and export data into xDB, giving clients great insights to better understand their customers.

xConnect is the service layer that sits in between the xDB and any client, device, or interface that wants to read, write, or search xDB data. It’s built completely separate from Sitecore.

xConnect is meant to be used to integrate customer data into xDB through a set API. Sitecore now also has Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics connectors out of the box.

Machine Learning (Cortex)
"Automated Personalization is the future"

For the first time, Sitecore adds machine learning to the platform, branded as “Sitecore Cortex”. It discovers insights from native and third-party customer data, acting as your personal data scientist. Finding new opportunities, customized and intelligent recommendations, and reducing the manual personalization process are three big benefits.

Sitecore Cortex will be available in the 9.1 release.

Sitecore Commerce 9
We only intent to be giant in Commerce!”

Sitecore rebuilt their previous commerce product to be fully integrated within the platform - no more legacy services or frameworks. The new product includes new marketing tools, powerful pricing and promotions, and the integration with Sitecore Cortex to offer a contextual shopping experience automatically generated by ML. 

Sitecore Experience Cloud

Sitecore is focusing on being a cloud first digital experience platform. All of the newly introduced products will be available to be deployed to the cloud shortly - this includes Sitecore Experience Manager, Sitecore Experience platform and Sitecore Experience Commerce.

Sitecore wants to provide complete flexibility and increased time to market with digital marketing power, market-leading web content management, and personalized commerce.

During the keynote, they showed us how you can deploy a Sitecore installation to the cloud (Azure) in minutes.

Sitecore JavaScript Services and Headless CMS
Sitecore as truly headless CMS

Recently, many CMS platforms have offered headless CMS capabilities as it gives the developer the ability to disconnect from the CMS during development and deployment. Sitecore is joining this trend and now offers a completely headless CMS capability with a new JavaScript service (JSS) that gives developers a complete SDK for JavaScript. Developers can build fully pledged websites and deploy them to any platform with the full experience platform capability preserved.

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