Usability in Modern Web Design

David-Dillon David Dillon November 22, 2017 Comments

Let’s begin with one of the most importance aspects of usability in web design: The learnability, availability and accessibility of your website. If people are trying to access and learn your website and it does not work, your website becomes essentially worthless.

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Email Overload: How to Stand Out with Segmenting

Staff Blogs Staff November 20, 2017 Comments

If your company isn’t driving traffic to your site from your email channel, segmentation may be your problem. Nearly half of marketers don’t bother sending targeted email messages.

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Last Minute Cyber Monday Tips!

Rachel-B-Web Rachel Bennett November 17, 2017 Comments

Cyber Monday on November 27th is fast approaching and, as one of the most important online shopping days in the calendar year, it’s essential you are prepared to make the most of it.

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What is Digital Marketing?

Rachel-B-Web Rachel Bennett November 15, 2017 Comments

Marketing is as huge a business as ever, and with technology becoming an ever growing part of our lives, it’s only natural that digital marketing would become an increasingly important part of an organization’s overall marketing efforts.

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The Recipe to a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

Missy Hildebrand Missy Hildebrand November 13, 2017 Comments

Exceptional email marketing campaigns need to be cleverly written and executed to attract attention in today’s overflowing inboxes. At our client forum this year, our digital marketing team talked about the recipe to successfully executing emails in order to achieve this.

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WooConf 2017: Big Sales, Mobile App Development, and Data Visualization

Ellis LaMay Blog Author Image Ellis LaMay November 10, 2017 Comments

WooCommerce recently hosted their third annual WooConf in Seattle, Washington. The massive eCommerce conference included keynote speakers among a mixture of store developers, store owners, and extension developers as well as break-out sessions.

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Association Web Success Luncheon: A Recap

Steven LaGow Blog Author Steven LaGow November 09, 2017 Comments

Last week, hosted our first live event here in DC: the Association Web Success Luncheon. We gathered local association folks for an early afternoon session focused on Universal Web Design and ADA Compliance down at Carmine’s DC in the heart of the nation’s capital.

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A Webinar with Personify and Join us Nov. 8th!

Steven LaGow Blog Author Steven LaGow November 06, 2017 Comments

In this webinar, we'll discuss how to gather information on your members based on their interactions across different channels with your organization, and how to take that information and create a consistent, cohesive, personalized digital experience for them.

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Top Ten SEO Myths

Courtney-V4 Courtney Bessert November 01, 2017 Comments

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a powerful component of digital marketing. When a website ranks in top positions in Google for highly searched keywords, organic search queries generate significant website traffic and business leads.

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A/B Testing: Guess the Winning Result


A/B testing is the science (and art) of running controlled experiments on your website to validate a website change. By running experiments and measuring the results, we take out our subjectivity and pre-conceived notions on what we think would work best.

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Marketing Automation 101

Staff Blogs Staff October 25, 2017 Comments
Marketing Automation

Someday, we’ll have enough time in our day to manage all the meeting hours, projects and tasks, plus all the daily marketing tasks. That seems like a dream, but those days are slowly growing closer to reality.

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Sitecore Symposium 2017 in Las Vegas

Ahmed Okour Ahmed Okour October 23, 2017 Comments

This year’s Sitecore Symposium was the biggest yet, with almost 3000 people from 57 different countries in attendance. They announced the new Sitecore 9/xConnect, Sitecore Commerce 9 and Sitecore Experience cloud.

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Getting Hubspot Call To Action Buttons to Work in Sitefinity


Working with Hubspot Call to Action (CTA) is easier than ever with Sitefinity’s Embed Code widget, part to Feather. Here are the four simple steps that will make the Hubspot CTA to work on a Sitefinity page.

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Five Main Ingredients of the User Experience


If you can find ways to improve the user experience, you'll find that your visitor task completion rate increases, and that means more money and more leads. But what are the elements that make up what the industry refers to as UX (User Experience)?

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NiUG Recap

Steven LaGow Blog Author Steven LaGow October 13, 2017 Comments

Last week, was fortunate to sponsor the NiUG Discovery Conference at the Marriott Crystal City in Arlington, VA. This yearly event is a chance for us to reconnect with the iMIS User Community and our many industry partners.

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Improve Your Product Experience for Significant ROI

Americaneagle Partner Partner October 12, 2017 Comments

For companies today looking to expand their market presence and online revenue, one of their most valuable assets is the product information critical to converting prospects into buyers. So why do most companies still manage that product information in spreadsheets and maintain multiple versions of their product data?

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