4 UX Insights to Drive Ecommerce Success

Americaneagle Partner Partner July 20, 2017 Comments
AppDynamics Blog Image

Commerce has become digital and global with online sales expected to exceed $1.6 trillion dollars by 2020. Ecommerce appeals to modern customer preferences and offers increased selection, value, and convenience. Merchants using online shopping benefit from increased access to customer data and opportunities to capitalize on that information.

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How to Compress Images for Websites

compressing images for websites

To ensure a website provides a quality user experience and performs well in search engines, it’s important to deliver a fast-loading website. Why? Because everybody can agree, a slow-loading website is the W-O-R-S-T. Fortunately, one of the best (and often easiest) ways to improve page speed starts with image optimization.

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Video Marketing: 5 Important Tips You Must Know

Staff Blogs Staff July 19, 2017 Comments
5 Video Marketing Tips

Online marketing experts say YES. During the past few years, video marketing has been one of the fastest-growing promotional strategies on the Internet. Just like other marketing techniques, it continuously evolves depending on people’s needs and demands, on market changes, and new technologies that emerge.

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Online Game Creation: A Winning Marketing Technique!

Staff Blogs Staff July 18, 2017 Comments
Online Game Creation Blog Image

When award winning author Stephen King approached us with an interesting project, we were thrilled to work with the legendary author and his team to create an exceptional online experience for his fans.

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Rules of Type

Ryles of Type Blog Image

A good, clean design has good typography. The right font choices indicate important call outs, readability and set the style of a website. In print design, playing with abstract letterforms is more accepted because there is more flexibility. In web design, consistency with type is key to having a site that is easy to maintain, timeless and legible. Follow the guidelines...

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How to Build an Online Community

Online Presence Builds a Community Blog Image

We are proud to have recently worked with The Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe and Catholic Order of Foresters to design and develop websites that provide a service and engage a community. The site for the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe is specifically designed to support an online religious community. The Catholic Order of Foresters site has a dual purpose: a life insurance company offering its services that is committed to fraternal outreach and serving the Catholic community. Read on to find out more about both projects!

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Modernize Your Customer Service and Capture More New Business with Live Chat

Americaneagle Partner Partner July 06, 2017 Comments
Chat Blog Image

You spend tens of thousands of dollars a year to drive traffic to your websites and landing pages. Analytics show that much of this traffic leaves your website without engaging. So why are they leaving without engaging? The answer lies in the growth of the internet and the resulting effect on consumer behavior.

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Accessibility Tips from Manual Testing

Accessibilities Blog Tips Image

Here at Americaneagle.com we have run into all types of issues and quirks that can only really be determined through manual testing. Having gone through audits and accessibility web development for projects, we have a bit of a list accumulating of different "gotchas" or hidden issues even when spec appropriate code is being used. Unfortunately, browser differences in the accessibility tree of the DOM can be the culprit for some hidden a11y issues. This is by no means exhaustive and there are many resources and developers out there trying to figure out workarounds.

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Create Your Own Reality at Work, Starting Today

Work Positivity Blog Image

As a copywriter and marketing executive for Americaneagle.com, I’m going to write some posts on content marketing and copywriting, plus I’ll stray a bit and write about some workplace attitudes and issues we have all experienced at one time or another and offer constructive, useful ways to handle these situations and hopefully make your job something you look forward to.

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Personalization and the Amazon Echo: Balancing Privacy and Convenience

Staff Blogs Staff June 30, 2017 Comments
Personalization and Privacy Blog Image

Numerous technical wonders have arrived in 2017. We don’t have flying cars yet, but technology has truly reached an incredible level, and much of this progress wouldn’t have been possible without personalization and data use. Now that data has become so valuable, you might be wondering how we can balance privacy with the convenience offered by today’s technology.

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IRCE 2017 – Recap and Highlights

Staff Blogs Staff June 28, 2017 Comments
IRCE Blog Image

Just a few short weeks ago, several of our ecommerce team members attended IRCE at McCormick Place in Chicago. If you are not familiar with the show, IRCE (Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition) is recognized as the largest e-commerce trade show in the industry. The show attracts thousands of attendees from around the globe over the course of several days.

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5 Awesome Ways to Extend Your WooCommerce Customer Experience

woo commerce blog image

In the world of WordPress plugins, there are those that are built for developers, and those that are built for marketers. One of the great things about WooCommerce is the array of available tools specifically designed for the marketers. This article is going to focus on some of the more intuitive and user friendly extensions that can be excellent solutions for those marketing-minded folks that want to create a better user experience that drives sales.

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Part 2: The Main Conference

CXNYC Event Blog Image

Following up from my day 1 post about the Forrester Customer Experience (CX) Conference held in New York City this week, I wanted to provide a recap of the main conference days and lessons learned.

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Forrester’s Customer Experience Pre-Workshop in NYC

Customer Experience Blog Image

The tagline from the Forrester event listing page says it all, “Design and deliver breakaway customer experiences”. This is exactly what I was educated about at the Forrester event in New York City the past few days. Starting on Monday with a pre-conference workshop, and then the main conference Tuesday and Wednesday. I’m happy to report that non-stop learning occurred during all three days! Here is my first day recap, with the next two days to be posted soon.

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You’ve Got Mail: Strategies to Enhance Email Marketing Success

Enhance Email Marketing Success Blog Image

At our recent Digital Marketing Forum, I presented on the topic of Email Marketing. Here is a recap of my presentation, including a broad overview of the trends for this year and guidance on what you can work on internally.

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How to Thrive in the Era of Optimization

Staff Blogs Staff June 16, 2017 Comments
Optimization Era Blog Image

At our recent Digital Marketing Forum, Corte Swearingen, Director of Digital Marketing & Conversion Science, gave a presentation on web optimization; the following post is a recap on his talk.

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The Role of Content in Your Overall Marketing Strategy

Computer screen showing content concept

The content of your website is arguably the most important aspect of your site – and yet how often do companies create a content strategy or even know what a content strategy is? This blog post is based on my recent presentation at our Digital Marketing Forum.

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Importance of Chatbots Part 2

Chatbots Blog Image

Businesses should always be looking for ways to improve their customer service. The better your customer service, the more likely a customer will choose your company over others as they’ll be confident that any issues that arise will be taken care of promptly and personally.

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Sitefinity Upgrade Tips

Sitefinity Upgrade Tips Blog Image

Sitefinity releases new versions, major or minor, every quarter. Newer versions can include hotfixes, bug fixes or new features. To take advantage of new versions, an upgrade is usually required. There’s a misconception that an upgrade simply entails uploading the new Sitefinity license, but that is not the case. Upgrading involves updating the newer versions of the Sitefinity libraries, configurations, and database as well. Following a specific process makes the upgrade more predictable and successful.

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