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Vince Scarlata has been working on websites for 16+ years, and has amassed copious amounts of mostly useless knowledge about browser problems and user data that he uses on a daily basis. He once did 5 pushups for Walter Payton's autograph when he was 12.

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Google Mobile Web: Are You Listening Yet?

Vince Scarlata March 11, 2015 Comments
Google Mobile Web

So you saw all the news headlines on how Google “might” give an SEO boost to mobile friendly sites, and you said to yourself that you would think about moving to a mobile friendly website. Then you saw that Google was starting to use a new mobile friendly format, and it reminded you that you had to figure out what to do about converting to a mobile site. Then, finally, mobile usability reports show up in webmaster tools, and you are starting to consider what to do....

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Google Rewards Websites For Being Secure

Vince Scarlata August 29, 2014 Comments
Lock Image

As more and more stories come out about major websites and credit card companies being hacked, it has become more apparent that you need to do as diligent as possible to prevent your data from ending up in the wrong hands. Google has recognized this and they’re now giving a rankings boost to any site that is using encryption, by default, on their pages.

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What is Knowledge Graph?

Vince Scarlata July 01, 2014 Comments

When you use Google these days, you might notice that your natural search results are falling farther and farther down the page. Whether it be news stories, image search results, or shopping results, it’s becoming harder and harder for customers to find their way to your site. Google’s Knowledge Graph is a new feature that Google has implemented that shows up in the right rail of your search page, and shows a summary of one topic or item.

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