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Tim Ahlenius

Tim Ahlenius

Tim has been building, designing, and executing websites since 1999, and joined Americaneagle.com in 2009. His specialties include online e-commerce consulting, web and business marketing, and project management. With technical and creative savvy, Tim is a born entrepreneur & problem-solver. When not staring soulfully at Google Analytics, Tim enjoys roughing it Apple-free in the great outdoors.

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The Myth of Quick

Tim Ahlenius Tim Ahlenius January 03, 2017 Comments

It is important to realize that the myth of quick is not something that just occurs in our general life and tempts us with quick fixes for problems like weight loss, finding love or making money; this myth is also a frequent visitor in the business world.

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Gilbane Digital Content Conference 2016 Panel: Content Personalization

Tim Ahlenius Tim Ahlenius December 09, 2016 Comments

I was recently lucky enough to attend the Gilbane Digital Conference Content, and was asked to speak on the Content Experts Panel. The conference was a great place for in-depth discussions with experts who are passionate about digital content, speaking from a multitude of different channels and perspectives.

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Exploring Sitecore 8.2

Tim Ahlenius Tim Ahlenius November 16, 2016 Comments

Sitecore 8.2 is causing a buzz in the tech world. Tech Aspect raved about the new Sitecore 8.2 stating, “if you thought 8.1 was ‘awesome,’ prepare to be amazed with 8.2’s exciting experience marketing capabilities.”

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The Lowdown on Google AMP and How It Can Help You

Tim Ahlenius Tim Ahlenius October 10, 2016 Comments

Earlier this year, Google launched their new AMP project, also known as Accelerated Mobile Pages. It is an open source project created by Google that sets out to create instant access for all mobile users. When you visit the Accelerated Mobile Pages project site, they dive straight into their ultimate purpose of the project:

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Sitecore Commerce and Conversational Commerce

Tim Ahlenius Tim Ahlenius September 12, 2016 Comments

2016 has been deemed the year of conversational commerce and it’s time for companies to get on board with this new trend. According to Chris Messina, the person who coined the term, conversational commerce, “pertains to utilizing chat, messaging, or other natural language interfaces (i.e. voice) to interact with people, brands, or services and bots that heretofore have had no real place in the bidirectional, asynchronous messaging context.”

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Only 4 weeks until Sitecore Symposium

Tim Ahlenius Tim Ahlenius August 15, 2016 Comments

I can’t believe we’re less than four weeks away from the Sitecore Symposium. As a first time Sitecore Digital Strategy MVP, I am excited about a fun filled week in New Orleans with members of the Sitecore Community. I was fortunate that my first trip to New Orleans was last fall for the Sitecore User Group Conference for North America, which was an AMAZING experience.

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The Americaneagle.com Doctor Is In at Shop.org’s Digital Experience Workshop

Tim Ahlenius Tim Ahlenius August 01, 2016 Comments
DR is in

Shop.org’s main statement on their website says it all: “Shop.org is a community that’s truly by the member, for the member. This is THE place to connect with retailers and industry pros who know and love the world of digital retail.”

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Using Context Marketing To Grow Your Nonprofit Organization

Not for profit

The content you deliver today can only be relevant if it takes into account the context of how your customers (potential volunteers/donors/board members) interacted with your brand (organization) last week, yesterday, or right now - on any channel.

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The Pathway to Brand Experience


We’ve talked about how companies can grow from using Digital Marketing to the next stage called Experience Marketing and finally maturing to the Brand Experience as a way of gaining and establishing lifelong customers.

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Is Your Company's Marketing Crawling, Walking, Or Running?


When it comes to marketing, new companies also have to learn to crawl, walk, and run in order to create a complete customer experience. What does this mean? It means that you must move from Digital Marketing to Experience Marketing and then continue onward to create Brand Experience.

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Growing & Maturing Your Marketing

Marketing Plan

Most of us can agree that to progress at something you must plan, practice, and persevere. A musician learning how to play an instrument is an accurate example of this. They plan by finding a mentor to help them understand their new instrument.

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Why Brand Experience Should Be Your Ultimate Goal

Brand Experience

Last time we learned that most companies are doing some kind of Digital Marketing, primarily focused on attracting customers. This is a good first step, but it can’t end there

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The Ripple Effect

Tim Ahlenius Tim Ahlenius November 18, 2015 Comments

It is one thing when you make decisions that affect your life. It is another thing when you are making decisions that affect Jane, your better half. The cascade effect of a bad or uninformed decision can sometimes be felt for days, months, or years afterwards. Hopefully you will learn from your mistakes and Jane will be a forgiving soul. But if you are smart about it, you will research and get feedback from others in your situation. You will look for guidance and use the provided wisdom to make the right decision. Your efforts will pay off as your decision-making skills flourish and you grow closer together in your relationship while navigating any bumps in the road.

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The Guessing Game

Tim Ahlenius Tim Ahlenius October 22, 2015 Comments

What if our world was based upon guesses? What if all decisions were made by not really knowing the facts, but by just winging it? For starters, I wouldn’t trust any mode of transportation, whether on the ground or in the air. The reason I feel safe inside a metal cage with wheels barreling down the road or in a metal bird with wings soaring through the air is because someone took the time to test all aspects of their creation. From the age of discovering fire to the current digital age, the reason that most things work correctly and predictably (more or less) is because theories were formulated and assumptions were tested.

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Tim Ahlenius Tim Ahlenius October 06, 2015 Comments

Our world is filled with campaigns. Most marketing that you see is part of a campaign which is part of a larger marketing plan. Some campaigns are obvious and straightforward, like political campaigns geared towards the general population. Make no mistake, the marketing teams that are put in place by politicians for this task are sophisticated and data-driven. The goal is to get your vote. By producing and implementing multiple campaigns designed to appeal to different political, social, and economic leanings, they strive to hit their mark. Whether they are successful or not is sometimes up for debate. What they can’t factor in is the torpedoing of the campaign by the candidate themselves with their own antics.

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It’s The Little Things

Tim Ahlenius Tim Ahlenius September 24, 2015 Comments

We’ve all heard of it in some variation or another. The outrageous marriage proposal where the man goes all out to impress his fiance to be. He takes her to an exotic beach, spells her name in the sand, hires a band to play their favorite song, and then boom – he pops the question. She cries and says “Yes!” and then it’s wedding bells and they are off to happily ever after land.

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