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Design Done Right

Staff October 19, 2016 Comments

At our annual Forum event this year, Wes McChristian, Americaneagle.com Production Manager, and Elin Alexander, Americaneagle.com Web Graphic Designer, gave a presentation on design and how a great design can positively impact your business.

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ASAE Annual Meeting 2016 post-show recap

Staff August 31, 2016 Comments

Americaneagele.com recently attended ASAE’s Annual Meeting and Exposition in Salt Lake City, on August 13-16, 2016. This event was held for association professionals and industry partners to network and collaborate and exchange ideas and resources.

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Email Marketing: What To Consider Before Pressing Send

Staff August 12, 2015 Comments
Email Marketing: What To Consider Before Pressing Send

When it comes to email marketing, there are no second chances. Because of this, E-marketing requires a certain amount of planning and strategy. Through research and preparation, emails to customers can be structured concisely and with a clear purpose. The main goals of these emails are to grab attention and get users back to your website. There are many ways to facilitate customer traffic on your site; all it takes is effective strategy and innovation to successfully manage your email marketing component.

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Sitecore/BCU Webinar

Staff April 08, 2015 Comments
Sitecore BCU

Americaneagle.com recently teamed up with our partner, Sitecore, and our customer, Baxter Credit Union (BCU), for the “How BCU Increased Member Engagement Using Sitecore and Azure” webinar

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Partner Talk: Interactive Marketing with Netop

Staff November 11, 2012 Comments

Traditionally, a website has been a one-way communication channel, where visitors search for information or purchase a product. That has all changed with Interactive Marketing solutions. Toke Tangkjaer, Director of Sales and Communication at Netop, a leader in interactive technology solutions, sat down with us to discuss how Interactive Marketing is changing the way businesses interact with website visitors.

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