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Digital Marketing Strategies Webinar Recap – Part Two, A/B Testing

Staff Blogs Staff January 06, 2017 Comments

Welcome to part two of our webinar recap! We recently held a webinar focused on digital marketing and how to optimize for success in 2017. In our previous post we outlined the topics of SEO and Email Marketing – today we will discuss A/B Testing and how this can help you achieve success in 2017.

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Digital Marketing Strategies Webinar Recap – Part One, SEO and Email Marketing

Staff Blogs Staff January 05, 2017 Comments
Digital Marketing

We recently held a webinar focused on digital marketing and how to optimize for success in 2017. Three members of the Americaneagle.com team spoke on this topic; Tim Rohlwing, SEO Strategist, Joe Gustafson, Social Strategist, and Corte Swearingen, Director of Testing and Optimization. In part one of this webinar recap we will discuss the topics of SEO and email marketing; in a second post, we will review Corte’s presentation regarding A/B Testing.

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Apps and How They Complement Your Digital Footprint

Staff Blogs Staff November 07, 2016 Comments

At our recent Forum, Americaneagle.com Production Manager Wes McChristian and Senior Programmer Al Connelly gave a presentation on apps and what to consider when planning to create one. Here’s an overview of what they had to share on this topic.

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Current Ecommerce Trends & Selecting the Right Ecommerce Platform

Staff Blogs Staff November 02, 2016 Comments

At this year’s Americaneagle.com Forum event, Americaneagle.com’s Director of Partnerships, Jerry Boduch, and Derek Cwik, Director of Integrations, presented on the topic of current ecommerce trends and how to select the right ecommerce platform for your digital presence.

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Design Done Right

Staff Blogs Staff October 19, 2016 Comments

At our annual Forum event this year, Wes McChristian, Americaneagle.com Production Manager, and Elin Alexander, Americaneagle.com Web Graphic Designer, gave a presentation on design and how a great design can positively impact your business.

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ASAE Annual Meeting 2016 post-show recap

Staff Blogs Staff August 31, 2016 Comments

Americaneagele.com recently attended ASAE’s Annual Meeting and Exposition in Salt Lake City, on August 13-16, 2016. This event was held for association professionals and industry partners to network and collaborate and exchange ideas and resources.

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Emotional Selling: Making the Most of Your E-Commerce Website

Staff Blogs Staff July 27, 2016 Comments
Emotional Selling

When you've landed on a particular page or visited a website, sometimes there are things that trigger your emotions and make you want to get the offer being presented. The combination of images and words may have a certain effect on you and thus lead you to make the purchase.

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Pokémon Go! Go! Go! – How Building a Successful App can Propel Your Business into the Fast Lane

Staff Blogs Staff July 15, 2016 Comments
Pokemon GO

With the success of many apps, many people are driven to web development companies with ideas they hope will go viral. In fact, with Pokémon Go hitting 21 million active daily users within its first few weeks of release, it is no wonder people believe that their idea may be the next big thing.

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Clear a Page’s Output Cache Programmatically in Sitefinity

Staff Blogs Staff June 29, 2016 Comments

Sitefinity has many options for configuring cache settings for pages. Output Cache Profiles can be created and managed in Sitefinity’s advanced settings for changing global output cache properties.

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  • Sitefinity

Video Marketing: 5 Important Tips You Must Know

Staff Blogs Staff June 21, 2016 Comments
5 Video Marketing Tips

Online marketing experts say YES. During the past few years, video marketing has been one of the fastest-growing promotional strategies on the Internet. Just like other marketing techniques, it continuously evolves depending on people’s needs and demands, on market changes, and new technologies that emerge.

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  • Marketing Strategy

Finally, a Website to Match the Real-Life Beauty of Maricopa County Arizona Parks and Recreation!

Staff Blogs Staff May 17, 2016 Comments
Maricopa County Parks

There’s nothing like experiencing Mother Nature through a beautiful park or a fun outdoor activity amidst natural wonders. More and more people yearn to head back to the embrace of nature to relax, refresh, and revitalize.

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  • Digital Experience

Top Factors to Consider for Association Website Redesigns

Staff Blogs Staff April 26, 2016 Comments

Associations often have different priorities for their websites than ecommerce or purely informational sites. Here we take a look at what we consider when deciding how best to serve associations with web development that enhances their specialties and is tailored to their target audiences.

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Enforce C# Coding Standards during Web Application Development with StyleCop.MSBuild

Staff Blogs Staff April 13, 2016 Comments
Standards with Style

It’s no secret that transitioning site development to a different team is rarely done without a headache, usually for all the parties involved. However, these transitions are sometimes unavoidable since initial development and post development are often handled by completely separate teams.

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  • Coding

5 Important Blogging Reminders You Might Be Forgetting

Staff Blogs Staff April 08, 2016 Comments

Daily blogging will not get you anywhere if you don’t do it right. No matter how exciting your topic appears to be, there are certain tips that you ought to apply in order to connect with readers and make them stay longer on your page.

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  • Strategy

Facebook Audience Insights: What It Is and How It Can Help Your Business

Staff Blogs Staff November 04, 2015 Comments

When it comes to online marketing, nobody doubts the huge influence of utilizing Facebook for promotional purposes. After all, almost everyone these days checks and updates their Facebook accounts and regularly browses through their newsfeed. Facebook, on the other hand, continues to provide more valuable tools for e-marketers. With so many companies and organizations, big and small, employing this popular social media platform to endorse products and services, strengthen branding, and expand their reach, it is certainly worthwhile for you to study the ins and outs of the marketing tools on hand.

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Unit Testing Sitefinity with Telerik JustMock: Part 2 – Writing the Unit Test

Staff Blogs Staff October 23, 2015 Comments

In the previous blog post, I covered how to create and configure a JustMock Unit Test project for a new Sitefinity web application. After covering some key definitions for unit testing, a unit test project was added, and a boilerplate test class was created for testing a reindex search utility method in the SitefinityWebApp project. We will pick up exactly where we left off and add a test method to the recently created SearchTests class. By the end of the post we will have a set of tests that can be executed.

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10 Quick Traffic-Boosting Tips for Your Blog

Staff Blogs Staff October 02, 2015 Comments

Gone are the days when mere publishing of content was enough to attract plenty of web users to your blog. These days, with so many businesses fleshing out their own content online, it's a huge challenge to prevent your own traffic from dwindling and eventually getting flushed down the drain.

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Unit Testing Sitefinity with Telerik JustMock: Part 1 – Project Setup

Staff Blogs Staff September 25, 2015 Comments

Over the last few weeks I have been exploring different frameworks and tools available for writing unit tests in Sitefinity. Surprisingly, documentation and examples of unit testing Sitefinity are a little light. Sitefinity.com has a couple blog posts on the subject but they don’t exactly provide a quick start on how to unit test a specific piece of custom functionality. Fortunately, Telerik provides its own standalone mocking framework, JustMock, which developers can use to get Sitefinity functionality mocked and tested in an afternoon (one thing to note, this post uses the commercial version of JustMock, which has more features and functionality than JustMock Lite). Since unit testing is a pretty large topic requiring some set up, I will be breaking this post into two parts. First, I will cover how to setup a Sitefinity project for unit testing. Next, I’ll cover a simple test implementation. The end goal is to provide a step-by-step guide for creating a unit test in Sitefinity. Before I get started, I’ll cover some key terms relating to unit testing.

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