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Falling in Love with Accessibility Webinar

Staff Blogs Staff February 01, 2018 Comments

Did you know that 1 in 5 people in the United States have a disability? Have you thought about how that may affect the accessibility of your website? By simply making your site accessible you could increase your user base by 20%.

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Cyber Week 2017 Recap: Black Friday & Cyber Monday Stats

Staff Blogs Staff December 08, 2017 Comments

Many retailers have been preparing for Cyber week for months – and initial reports have indicated that for most retailers, all the hard work has paid off! The largest online selling days of the year, which start on Thanksgiving, saw big increases across the board.

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Associations: Understanding your User Personas

Staff Blogs Staff December 06, 2017 Comments

Every association focuses on driving three membership metrics: recruitment, engagement, and retention. However, without truly understanding who your members are, it’s going to be incredibly difficult to grow any of these.

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Email Overload: How to Stand Out with Segmenting

Staff Blogs Staff November 20, 2017 Comments

If your company isn’t driving traffic to your site from your email channel, segmentation may be your problem. Nearly half of marketers don’t bother sending targeted email messages.

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Marketing Automation 101

Staff Blogs Staff October 25, 2017 Comments
Marketing Automation

Someday, we’ll have enough time in our day to manage all the meeting hours, projects and tasks, plus all the daily marketing tasks. That seems like a dream, but those days are slowly growing closer to reality.

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How to Choose an E-Ticketing Provider

Staff Blogs Staff September 25, 2017 Comments
How to Choose an E-Ticketing Provider

If you’re ready to upgrade your ticketing solution and are searching for the perfect provider, there are certain things you’ll want to bear in mind before you commit. Here are some tips for anyone wondering what to consider when choosing an e-ticketing provider.

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Web Accessibility & Your Association

Staff Blogs Staff September 06, 2017 Comments
Accessibility forum, Washington DC

Last month, Americaneagle.com attended the 2017 ASAE Annual Meeting & Exposition, held in Toronto. Americaneagle.com has exhibited at ASAE the past several years, and like prior years, this year’s annual meeting helped association executives tackle real life issues facing associations today, such as...

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ASAE Recap

Staff Blogs Staff August 25, 2017 Comments
ASAE Event Blog

Last week, Americaneagle.com had the opportunity to spend some time up north at ASAE’s Annual Meeting in Toronto, Ontario. As always, it was a chance to reconnect with our many industry partners, educate ourselves on the latest in Association and Nonprofit challenges and innovations, and share with attendees what Americaneagle.com’s services can bring to their organizations.

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Building a Community through User Generated Content

Staff Blogs Staff August 17, 2017 Comments
Building a Community through User Generated Content

Every day, millions of people on social media like, comment on, and share what they have to say across all platforms. This user generated content can be pivotal in creating an online community within your brand. Rather than a brand promoting itself, user generated content (UGC) consists of pictures, comments, videos, testimonials, blog posts and anything else that involves the consumer promoting a brand. In a world where word-of-mouth has become a most trusted resource, user generated content is a great way to spark a conversation and build your community.

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Why Invest Your Efforts in Yelp Services?

Staff Blogs Staff August 11, 2017 Comments
Reputation Management

When looking to purchase a new product or try a new service, you want to feel secure that you are making the right decision. Yelp provides consumers with customer reviews in order to minimize the apprehension they experience when it comes to their spending decisions. Nielsen reports that 74% of consumers searching online for a local business turn to a review site.

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Integrating Video Content into Your Marketing Strategy

Staff Blogs Staff August 09, 2017 Comments
Integrating Video Content into Your Marketing Strategy

When reading through pages and pages of written content, a video may be just what you need to stop a viewer’s fingers from scrolling right past your businesses’ information. With YouTube now the second-largest search engine next to Google, it is no secret that video content has become vital to today’s digital world. Now, more than ever, people are looking for fast ways to receive information. What better way to get material across to the viewer than giving them everything they need to know in a quick video?

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Analytics: The Key to A/B Testing Success

Staff Blogs Staff August 03, 2017 Comments
Analytics AB Testing Blog

Corte Swearingen, Americaneagle.com’s Director of Digital Marketing & Conversion Science, recently spoke on the topic of A/B testing on Kentico’s Marketing Insights Webinar. During a portion of the webinar, Corte spoke about the benefits of using both quantitative and qualitative data to help with your A/B Testing efforts. Read on for a recap on the importance of data in A/B testing.

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Mobile for Marketers: Optimizing for Conversion

Staff Blogs Staff August 02, 2017 Comments
Mobile Optimization blog

If you were to go 50 years back in time and tell somebody that in your pocket there’s a device that fits in your hand and contains a limitless amount of information, not a soul would believe you. However, the year is 2017 and the future has arrived.

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Amaze your Members! Association Marketing Strategies

Staff Blogs Staff July 27, 2017 Comments
Content Marketing Ideas

There are many content marketing ideas that associations can utilize to attract new members and retain existing ones. Read on for some fresh new ideas to add to your association marketing strategy.

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Online Game Creation: A Winning Marketing Technique!

Staff Blogs Staff July 18, 2017 Comments
Online Game Creation Blog Image

When award winning author Stephen King approached us with an interesting project, we were thrilled to work with the legendary author and his team to create an exceptional online experience for his fans.

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Personalization and the Amazon Echo: Balancing Privacy and Convenience

Staff Blogs Staff June 30, 2017 Comments
Personalization and Privacy Blog Image

Numerous technical wonders have arrived in 2017. We don’t have flying cars yet, but technology has truly reached an incredible level, and much of this progress wouldn’t have been possible without personalization and data use. Now that data has become so valuable, you might be wondering how we can balance privacy with the convenience offered by today’s technology.

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IRCE 2017 – Recap and Highlights

Staff Blogs Staff June 28, 2017 Comments
IRCE Blog Image

Just a few short weeks ago, several of our ecommerce team members attended IRCE at McCormick Place in Chicago. If you are not familiar with the show, IRCE (Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition) is recognized as the largest e-commerce trade show in the industry. The show attracts thousands of attendees from around the globe over the course of several days.

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How to Thrive in the Era of Optimization

Staff Blogs Staff June 16, 2017 Comments
Optimization Era Blog Image

At our recent Digital Marketing Forum, Corte Swearingen, Director of Digital Marketing & Conversion Science, gave a presentation on web optimization; the following post is a recap on his talk.

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