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Video Marketing: 5 Important Tips You Must Know

Staff Blogs Staff July 19, 2017 Comments
5 Video Marketing Tips

Online marketing experts say YES. During the past few years, video marketing has been one of the fastest-growing promotional strategies on the Internet. Just like other marketing techniques, it continuously evolves depending on people’s needs and demands, on market changes, and new technologies that emerge.

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  • Marketing Strategy

Online Game Creation: A Winning Marketing Technique!

Staff Blogs Staff July 18, 2017 Comments
Online Game Creation Blog Image

When award winning author Stephen King approached us with an interesting project, we were thrilled to work with the legendary author and his team to create an exceptional online experience for his fans.

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Personalization and the Amazon Echo: Balancing Privacy and Convenience

Staff Blogs Staff June 30, 2017 Comments
Personalization and Privacy Blog Image

Numerous technical wonders have arrived in 2017. We don’t have flying cars yet, but technology has truly reached an incredible level, and much of this progress wouldn’t have been possible without personalization and data use. Now that data has become so valuable, you might be wondering how we can balance privacy with the convenience offered by today’s technology.

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IRCE 2017 – Recap and Highlights

Staff Blogs Staff June 28, 2017 Comments
IRCE Blog Image

Just a few short weeks ago, several of our ecommerce team members attended IRCE at McCormick Place in Chicago. If you are not familiar with the show, IRCE (Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition) is recognized as the largest e-commerce trade show in the industry. The show attracts thousands of attendees from around the globe over the course of several days.

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How to Thrive in the Era of Optimization

Staff Blogs Staff June 16, 2017 Comments
Optimization Era Blog Image

At our recent Digital Marketing Forum, Corte Swearingen, Director of Digital Marketing & Conversion Science, gave a presentation on web optimization; the following post is a recap on his talk.

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Multilingual Success with Kentico EMS

Staff Blogs Staff May 25, 2017 Comments
Kentico Multilingual Platform Image

Kentico EMS allows you to create an experience for your customers based on real-time information. For anyone interested in marketing automation and improving the customer experience, Kentico EMS is a great platform to consider. It is also has exceptional multilingual capabilities and goes beyond many other platforms in terms of the cultural, or multi-lingual settings it can provide - essential for easy management of sites belonging to global brands, published in multiple languages.

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Our First Americaneagle.com Digital Marketing Forum: A Recap

Staff Blogs Staff May 16, 2017 Comments
Web Design and Development Strategy | Uncover Hidden ROI

On the 19th of April, we held our first Digital Marketing Forum. Known for exceptional web design and development, we are also a one-stop-shop for all your web needs, and as such, also act as a successful digital agency. This new Digital Marketing Forum event was designed to expand awareness of the agency services we provide.

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Sitefinity 10’s New Modern Approach to Authentication

Staff Blogs Staff May 02, 2017 Comments

Sitefinity 10 introduces a number of bells and whistles to the platform, including some nice new features such as the Warmup Tool, the Health Check API, and some new-and-improved export and import functionality across multiple environments for content types and data.

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Manage Content in Kentico Cloud

Staff Blogs Staff March 24, 2017 Comments

Kentico Cloud is a cloud-based content management system (CMS) from Kentico, an Americaneagle.com partner. While Kentico Cloud’s primary aim is to provide a full CMS experience in the cloud, it can also be used as a staging tool for your traditional Kentico CMS.

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Accessibility Glossary: Name that Term! Words You Should Know

Staff Blogs Staff March 06, 2017 Comments

As we long for summer days and move past the cold of winter, we’re thinking about spring cleaning – not only our homes but our websites! We’re here to help you ensure your site is appealing and easy to use as we move into springtime, with a few top tips below.

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Multi-site and spawning – exploring the benefits

Staff Blogs Staff February 28, 2017 Comments

Typically, every brand needs just one website. But what happens when there are multiple brands within a company or business objectives that require the need to have multiple websites? A multi-site platform is used when a company needs a single, centralized platform to manage many websites.

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Association Digital Marketing Trends: Predictions for 2017

Staff Blogs Staff February 27, 2017 Comments

Historically, membership was the foundation of professional societies and trade organizations. Before the dawn of the internet, associations were key in bringing together like minded individuals in similar fields to share common interests, purposes, and knowledge.

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Introducing Kentico

Staff Blogs Staff January 20, 2017 Comments

Choosing a content management system that meets your needs can be a daunting task given the thousands of products that are available for consideration. Even after narrowing in on the best available products using a Microsoft software stack, many options may at first seem equally sufficient.

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Digital Marketing Strategies Webinar Recap – Part Two, A/B Testing

Staff Blogs Staff January 06, 2017 Comments

Welcome to part two of our webinar recap! We recently held a webinar focused on digital marketing and how to optimize for success in 2017. In our previous post we outlined the topics of SEO and Email Marketing – today we will discuss A/B Testing and how this can help you achieve success in 2017.

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Digital Marketing Strategies Webinar Recap – Part One, SEO and Email Marketing

Staff Blogs Staff January 05, 2017 Comments
Digital Marketing

We recently held a webinar focused on digital marketing and how to optimize for success in 2017. Three members of the Americaneagle.com team spoke on this topic; Tim Rohlwing, SEO Strategist, Joe Gustafson, Social Strategist, and Corte Swearingen, Director of Testing and Optimization. In part one of this webinar recap we will discuss the topics of SEO and email marketing; in a second post, we will review Corte’s presentation regarding A/B Testing.

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Apps and How They Complement Your Digital Footprint

Staff Blogs Staff November 07, 2016 Comments

At our recent Forum, Americaneagle.com Production Manager Wes McChristian and Senior Programmer Al Connelly gave a presentation on apps and what to consider when planning to create one. Here’s an overview of what they had to share on this topic.

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Current Ecommerce Trends & Selecting the Right Ecommerce Platform

Staff Blogs Staff November 02, 2016 Comments

At this year’s Americaneagle.com Forum event, Americaneagle.com’s Director of Partnerships, Jerry Boduch, and Derek Cwik, Director of Integrations, presented on the topic of current ecommerce trends and how to select the right ecommerce platform for your digital presence.

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Design Done Right

Staff Blogs Staff October 19, 2016 Comments

At our annual Forum event this year, Wes McChristian, Americaneagle.com Production Manager, and Elin Alexander, Americaneagle.com Web Graphic Designer, gave a presentation on design and how a great design can positively impact your business.

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