Paul Ross

Paul started in design in the 90’s and has been with for nearly 18 years. He has worked with the company’s largest clients in both design and direction from ecommerce to large associations. He has leveraged his wide-range of customer and web development experience to move on and specialize in strategy, usability and optimization. With a great sense for understanding and solving user issues, he is the go-to on many projects. Outside of work, he is a Father, cook, swimmer and drummer.

Humanizing the Digital Experience

Until the last decade or so, we didn’t fully qualify the User Experience. We didn’t truly quantify what worked and what didn’t for the user. Many in the industry made assumptions based on common accepted design & development architecture.

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Get More Value from Your Testing Program by Fully Interpreting the Results

The average industry win rate across split testing is typically about 20%. That means that only 1 in 5 tests may produce usable results. We tend to measure program success on only the winning tests but what happens to all that other data?

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A Focus on Social Proof: Principles, Usability and A/B Testing

There’s a lot of talk about the effectiveness of social proof psychology in split testing. Interestingly, the more it’s talked about the more it may be true. That’s because social evidence we hear from others in our culture persuades us to assign more credibility towards that information, whether or not it’s actually true.

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