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Missy Hildebrand

Missy has recently jumped into the Digital Marketing scene with Americaneagle.com and provides expertise on how to optimize the user experience across various marketing channels including websites, email marketing, social media, and more. Outside of the office she is a wine enthusiast, self-proclaimed fitness junkie, and Mario Kart champion.

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Top 8 Reasons It’s Time for a Redesign


You never get a second chance to make a first impression. For your customer, that first impression of your business is probably your website. What would someone think of your organization if they went to your website right now?

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The Recipe to a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

Missy Hildebrand Missy Hildebrand November 13, 2017 Comments

Exceptional email marketing campaigns need to be cleverly written and executed to attract attention in today’s overflowing inboxes. At our client forum this year, our digital marketing team talked about the recipe to successfully executing emails in order to achieve this.

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A Beginners Intro to Multi-Channel Marketing

Multi-Channel Marketing

Almost every company or organization is using multi-channel marketing at some level or another, and you experience it daily without even realizing it. Think about your average morning. You grab your smartphone when you wake up, scroll through Facebook, and check your email. Maybe you turn on your radio or podcast, or flip through a newspaper. Through each of these types of media, you are exposed to all kinds of marketing tactics.

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Do It Right: Building a Foundation


Building a successful website, or an online presence in general, is a lot like building a house. Before the first brick is laid, you need blueprints and a design. But even before that point, you need to determine the amount of rooms you’ll need, their individual purpose, the dimensions, and a great location for the whole package.

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Strategy of Effective Email Marketing – Part 2

Missy Hildebrand Missy Hildebrand December 05, 2016 Comments
MissyForumpart2 (1)

Welcome back! On Friday, I posted a blog about why you might choose to use email marketing and how to get started with it. Today we have Part 2 of that post, outlining information on creating email, sending email, measuring performance and information on how we can help with your email needs.

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Popular User Testing Methods


One of the biggest challenges we face in web development isn’t necessarily how our different clients’ markets and technologies work – it’s how humans work. What users say versus what users do are two completely different things, and the only way to uncover the truth is to test. User testing is more than just a check list of product requirements – it’s the most convincing support for your design and development decisions.

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Navigation 101: Don’t Make Your Visitors Work for Content


If you’re in the process of redesigning your navigation, or thinking about starting the process, consider these key points. The trick is to make perusing your website as easy as possible for your visitors.

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Online Marketing Trends to Consider for 2016

Missy Hildebrand Missy Hildebrand December 30, 2015 Comments

It seems like every time you log on the internet there’s a new marketing trend emerging. While it can be overwhelming to keep up with what’s new, it’s critical to understand which trends are worth your while and appeal to consumers. After all, they’re the ones you’re trying to connect with. So here’s a few key marketing trends your business should consider to kick off your marketing plans for the New Year.

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Tips & Tricks: Writing Email Subject Lines


As someone who does a lot of writing and brainstorming in the marketing world, it’s inevitable to be faced with the frustrating phenomena known as writers’ block. Your prose has turned to mush, you don’t have a creative bone left in your body, and you want to throw in the towel. This can be especially true if you’re faced with the task of creating countless new subject lines for your email marketing efforts. Out of all the billions of emails that are sent daily, how can you make sure that yours stands out?

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Getting to Know Google Analytics


If you’re new to Google Analytics (or not quite sure what it is), then this post is dedicated to you. Many organizations still aren’t using Google Analytics to its full potential to measure traffic and performance. It’s very common to see these companies spending massive amounts of time and money just to try and get people to look at their website. The problem is they forget to take the time and track their efforts and see what actually works and what doesn’t. With various activities going on, such as posting on social, sending email blasts, and more, it’s important to measure the results in order to spend time and marketing dollars on what’s successful and generating the best outcome.

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Embracing User-Generated Content

Embracing User-Generated Content

We’ve all seen it. Those artsy posts of your friends’ Frappuccino, the mouthwatering Instagram of a deep dish pizza that makes you want throw your diet out the window. These aren’t annoying or interruptive advertisements (unless your hours away from your lunch break), but just the normal social sharing you see on a daily basis.

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Email Anatomy 101

Email Anatomy 101

In order to graduate high school (however many years ago that was), my classmates and I were required to take a biology class. It was pretty interesting, fun, and maybe slightly disgusting at times. On lab days, students were either wide-eyed and amazed, or cowering in the corner of the class room getting sick. While dissecting fetal pigs and cat eyeballs may not have been your subject, or even helped you in your career, dissecting a good email will reveal the building blocks to creating successful campaigns for your business.

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Why A/B Testing is Important

I love Data

We’re big data nerds here at Americaneagle.com. Data gives us insights to answer the who, what, where, when, and why of website interactions. It tells a story of a site’s successes and failures. Data guides our decisions that we hope ultimately lead to favorable outcomes, and it also helps us turn around and start again when we’ve faltered. Data is everywhere, but only truly reveals its value once it’s evaluated, consumed, and ultimately applied.

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How to Create Effective Display Ads on the Web

Ads on the web

Advertising with images has the potential to communicate complex messages in the quickest and most efficient way possible. I’m sure you’ve heard the common phrase, “A picture is worth a thousand words”. But are they the right words? Imagery and colors trigger a plethora of emotions in each person, and if used incorrectly, may yield negative results. However, if used properly, they can be very beneficial.

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Best Practices for Your Content Strategy (Part 2)

Best Practices

You’ve heard it before – “Content is King”. A cliché for sure, but it is for a good reason. It’s true. In a previous post we talked about how content IS king, BUT…it is nothing without a strategic plan! You can blast content across the web until you’re blue in the face, but no one will care to listen if it’s not what they’re looking for. The strategic plan is the foundation to success, and in reality, can be an extensive process. But to help get some quick insights on how you should be thinking

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Best Practices for Your Content Strategy (Part 1)

Best Practices

You’ve heard it before – “Content is King”. A cliché for sure, but it is for a good reason. It’s true. In a previous post we talked about how content IS king, BUT…it is nothing without a strategic plan! You can blast content across the web until you’re blue in the face, but no one will care to listen if it’s not what they’re looking for.

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Is Content King?

Content is King

You blog. You tweet. You post. You pin. You upload. You obsess over analytic numbers, checking likes, views, and shares on a frequent basis. But as you may have discovered, having high analytic numbers does not mean that your product is selling like hotcakes.

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Keeping your ecommerce customers engaged throughout the holidays

Missy Hildebrand Missy Hildebrand December 17, 2014 Comments
Holiday Ecommerce

It’s that time of year again – the Holiday Season is already upon us and in full swing. The winter holidays make up one of the biggest and most important times of the year for consumers and businesses alike. And if you haven’t shifted your online marketing into full gear, you probably should…

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