Mani Balasubramaniyan

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Mani is a Technical lead at, with over 11 years of experience in programming.

He has Masters Degree in Information Systems, with an Engineering background.

He is currently focusing on Sitefinity and has led successful implementation of several Sitefinity upgrades. He loves problem solving and believes in simple solutions for complex problems.


Implementing Robots.txt Editor in Sitefinity for SEO

Robots.txt file is usually placed in the root folder of the website, and for security purposes root folders are more secure than the specific subfolder. In this article we will dive into how to create a custom configuration for ease of access

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Sitefinity Text Extraction from Documents

This blog explains how to utilize Sitefinity’s native API to extract text from files from document libraries. Common files with text content have extensions - .docx, .xls, .pdf, .csv. This is particularly useful if you are implementing a custom search module.

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Handling large data imports in Sitefinity

In Sitefinity, several instances require the need to import large amounts of data, such as moving the website from another CMS to Sitefinity, or importing data into Sitefinity from another source. Importing thousands or millions of pieces of data is always time consuming and there is a possibility of a timeout.

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Getting Hubspot Call To Action Buttons to Work in Sitefinity

Working with Hubspot Call to Action (CTA) is easier than ever with Sitefinity’s Embed Code widget, part to Feather. Here are the four simple steps that will make the Hubspot CTA to work on a Sitefinity page.

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Managing 301 Redirects in Sitefinity

When a web site is rebuilt in Sitefinity from another CMS, it provides an opportunity to restructure the pages and group them better for easy navigation and for SEO. It leads to change in the url itself. We can notice a surge in 404s in Google Analytics dashboard, shortly after a website is launched. It is because the users might have bookmarked certain pages or shared some interesting articles in social media, which are visited often.

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Sitefinity Upgrade Tips

Sitefinity releases new versions, major or minor, every quarter. Newer versions can include hotfixes, bug fixes or new features. To take advantage of new versions, an upgrade is usually required. There’s a misconception that an upgrade simply entails uploading the new Sitefinity license, but that is not the case. Upgrading involves updating the newer versions of the Sitefinity libraries, configurations, and database as well. Following a specific process makes the upgrade more predictable and successful.

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