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Emily Stark

Emily Stark

Emily has been at the forefront of website design, development, and evolution for the last 10 years. She has driven dozens of projects from concept to completion of all different sizes in various different industries. She works to understand the clients better; always trying to find the appropriate solutions at the price to fit any budget.

She is Google Analytics certified and a Sitecore CMS 6.5 Certified Technology Specialist. Emily has been with Americaneagle.com since 2012.

Out of the office, she dabbles in aerial photography with her husband.

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Tips to Improving Your Website

Emily Stark Emily Stark October 13, 2015 Comments

After exploring different topics for this month’s post, I came across a few articles on tips of how to improve your website. With fall weather approaching and the leaves changing, what better time to turn over a new leaf!

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  • Website Performance
  • Mobile

Six Ways to Combat Phishing

Emily Stark Emily Stark September 04, 2015 Comments

Last year we posted a piece on Cyber Security Threats and precautions you can take to protect your privacy. It’s really a good post to review once again, especially before the holidays hit!

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  • Internet security

Is Your Browser Current?

Web Browsers

When we develop new sites or new functionality for clients, it goes through our Quality Assurance department for testing. This team keeps a current set of browsers handy so they can go down the list quickly. Unfortunately, this list is constantly changing as software companies come out with new versions of their browser. The list is comprised of various popular internet browsers and mobile devices.

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  • Customer Service

3 Ideas to Improving Customer Experience


Whether you’re building a website for the first time or experienced in the website realm, having a website that works for your user audience is critical. Typically, you take into account your audience’s location, their age, or interests when making website decisions. Google Analytics has an entire section of statistics devoted to your website audience composition. I encourage you to review this periodically to keep current with your existing audience.

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  • Experience
  • Customers
  • audience personas

Prepare for Mobile-geddon

Emily Stark Emily Stark April 22, 2015 Comments
Mobile and Google

Part of our role as a leading website design and development company is to be proactive and keep up to date on the latest online developments, especially if they impact our customers. One item that recently became a hot topic in the online world is the Google algorithm changes that were implemented today.

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  • google
  • Mobile

How Partner Products Can Help You

Emily Stark Emily Stark April 22, 2015 Comments
Partner Blog

You may or may not be aware that we have over 130 technology partners that we work with regularly. In my role as an account manager, I frequently work side-by-side with our partnerships team offering the latest and greatest resources and services available. This allows us to provide a well-rounded business solution to our clients in one centralized location.

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  • Strategy
  • Partners
  • CMS

How Do You Brainstorm?

Emily Stark Emily Stark March 24, 2015 Comments
Brainstorm Image

When project managers are starting a project they typically discuss what other websites the customer likes, budgetary considerations, and/or goals and objectives. For account managers, we frequently want to know why customers want certain changes, or what they envision for their end-users. All of these questions help us to paint a quick and understandable picture.

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  • Paint
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Google Analytics: Adding Value to Your Site

Emily Stark Emily Stark February 12, 2015 Comments
Data Graph

Google Analytics is, in essence, a data dump of your site. It can quickly get overwhelming, intimidating, or confusing if you don’t know where to look. Hopefully the following will help you decipher this information!

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  • website
  • data
  • google analytics
  • google

New Look for a New Year

Emily Stark Emily Stark January 13, 2015 Comments
New Site

Since it’s January and our New Year’s Resolutions are still at the top of our minds, I wanted to share four ways you can refresh your website with a new look. These are sometimes overlooked and it’s important to keep them in mind!

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  • redesign

Google Analytics Simplified

Emily Stark Emily Stark December 11, 2014 Comments

How often do you review or monitor your Google Analytic stats? It's important before commencing a broadcast email campaign or other online marketing initiative, making any business decisions that affect your online operations, or any other major online projects are undertaken. If you’re not familiar how to get started, here is some basic information to get your feet wet.

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