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Elin Alexander is a Web Designer at Americaneagle.com with 6 years of professional design experience. Elin is passionate about enhancing a company's brand in a contemporary way, harnessing ideas through the exploration of current trends, seasonal color pallets, and typography.

Elin has completed the ultra-marathon distance over 5 times and is a sponsored athlete. When not DIY-ing home decor, Elin volunteers as a mentor for Lake Forest College students, a Young Council Board Member and a coach for Team One Step.


FADQ - frequently asked design questions

All businesses need a website. That’s why Americaneagle.com has a vast range of clients from all sorts of industries that are looking for a website or site support. For the majority of these clients, they come to us for a new homepage design.

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2018 Web Design Trends

In a world of preoccupied minds, it’s very important to have UX/UI evoke undemanding, immediate and effortless digital design. With this shift that is following consumers, design has to be at the forefront of it. Thankfully the 2018 web trends fulfill what will capture the user’s attention.

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Making an Effective Infographic

Infographic design is a form of visual communication that breaks information down in a pictorial sequence. If you have information about a study with statistics, describing a process, or a timeline, you should consider displaying these as an infographic.

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Part II: Website Trends going into 2018

With 2017 quickly coming to a close, it’s important to take inventory on current website trends and what we will see more of in 2018. This is part II, so if you haven’t already, check out Part I!

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Design Tips and Advice Blog

Design Tips and Advice: From the Americaneagle.com Designers

As an all things web company we work with nearly every industry providing digital services to a vast variety of markets. We design websites for almost every business you can think of and designers are needed that are not only good at design, but forward thinking, with knowledge of branding, that are chameleon like to understand the client, and with a mindset for thoughtful user experience.

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Clean Design has Good Typography Blog Image

Rules of Type

A good, clean design has good typography. The right font choices indicate important call outs, readability and set the style of a website. In print design, playing with abstract letterforms is more accepted because there is more flexibility. In web design, consistency with type is key to having a site that is easy to maintain, timeless and legible. Follow the guidelines...

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Graphic Designer Providing Digital Solutions Through Strategy blog image

New Age Designer

The ultimate graphic designer today doesn’t just have talent for aesthetics, they also have a mindset for business. This is an artist with problem solving knowhow and visual skills that support the challenge at hand. With multiple technology platforms to design for, the current day designer needs be a triple threat with marketing, business, and design skills. By asking the right questions, having a framework, one can begin to create digital solutions through strategy. Ultimately, possessing an approach that marries form and function to create purposeful design.

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Curated Branding Blog Image

Curated Branding

Today retail stores are rapidly closing, entrepreneurs are instantaneously launching the next convenient delivery service and consumers are becoming aggressively more selective yet unsystematically flippant. To navigate these progressive changes in the consumer market it’s important to understand branding to get ahead of the curve. Think about all the new ad spaces that are being created through numerous media platforms in technology. Even in print, urban advertisements call attention to the public shouting “HEY, SHOP HERE!” In an increasing ad space/social media driven sharing environment, how does your brand grab a buyer’s attention? Present day consumers want authenticity, not knock-offs. They want thoughtful messaging, real photography, and a targeted identity with a dynamic look and feel.

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Ecommerce and ada compliance web design blog image

It’s an “Add to Cart” Kind of Day! Continued…

To recap part one of “must do’s” for an ecommerce site, first and foremost having a website that embodies your audience through styling is an absolute necessity and should clearly call attention to where you want the user to click first.

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