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Corte Swearingen

Corte has almost 25 years of strategic marketing experience and has held Director of eCommerce and Director of Marketing roles for both B2B and B2C companies. He has been with Americaneagle.com since 2012.

Since 1999, Corte’s focus has been the area of marketing analytics and the creative use of both quantitative and qualitative data to provide actionable insight for driving revenue and business value to clients. He is passionate about placing common sense frameworks around the often frenetic digital world and encourages his clients to spend time focusing on fundamental strategies in order to gain a deeper understanding of customer needs.

Corte is Google Analytics certified, OMCP (Online Marketing Certified Professional) Authorized, and has completed Market Motive practitioner certifications in web analytics, search engine optimization, social media, conversion optimization and pay-per-click advertising.

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Simple Methods for Optimizing Your Website


There are many low-cost tools for assessing your website and helping determine where visitors may be confused as they try to complete their task. Once of the best is HotJar!

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A/B Testing: Guess the Winning Result


A/B testing is the science (and art) of running controlled experiments on your website to validate a website change. By running experiments and measuring the results, we take out our subjectivity and pre-conceived notions on what we think would work best.

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Five Main Ingredients of the User Experience


If you can find ways to improve the user experience, you'll find that your visitor task completion rate increases, and that means more money and more leads. But what are the elements that make up what the industry refers to as UX (User Experience)?

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The Importance of A/B Testing in Validating Website Changes


As marketers, we are making changes to our websites all the time, adjusting headlines, changing images, adding buttons, producing more videos, creating special offers, and so on – the list never ends. But how do we know that these changes are actually producing tangible business results?

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The Power of Conversion Rate Optimization

corte-swearingen-director-ab-testing Corte Swearingen November 22, 2016 Comments

There are essentially two “knobs” you can turn to make your website more profitable; the knob of traffic and the knob of conversion rate. In an ideal world, you’re able to crank both these up simultaneously.

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The Science of Online Persuasion – Part 2


Marketers have been trying to persuade people for centuries. From the street corner huckster to the modern day sales person, we are inundated, both consciously and non-consciously, with people working to influence our perception and convince us to take some type of action.

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The Science of Online Persuasion – Part 1

Blog 2

Marketers have been trying to persuade people for centuries. From the street corner huckster to the modern day sales person, we are inundated, both consciously and non-consciously, with people working to influence our perception and convince us to take some type of action.

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Be Careful of “Best Practices”

AB Testing Image

It’s very easy to get caught up in what digital marketing experts call “Best Practices.” A best practice is defined as a technique that has been generally accepted as superior because it has produced positive results in a wide variety of circumstances.

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A Simple Method to Discover Your Site’s Friction Points

Cortes Blog

Every website has a primary goal – that one important action that you want all visitors to take, whether it’s filling out a form or buying a product. And while you should obsess over that goal and work on ways to improve it, don’t forget that the average conversion rate for an ecommerce site is only 2-3%.

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Improving Your Website Using the Scientific Method


Running scientifically controlled experiments on your website is one of the best ways to ensure your site continues to evolve and improve. Successful split testing requires a repeatable framework upon which your ideas can be systematically tested and validated over time.

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Conquering Banner Blindness

Conquering Banner Blindness Blog Image

Have you ever heard the term “Banner Blindness?” It was coined a dozen years ago by researchers Jan Panero Benway and David Lane at Rice University. It refers to the phenomenon where a web page contains so many banners that visitors either consciously or subconsciously start ignoring them. Here’s a good example of it.

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Radical Form Redesign Provides Thousands of New Leads for Dale Carnegie

A_B Testing Image

Dale Carnegie is one of the world’s premiere training companies, offering personal development courses for business, career and life. When they asked Americaneagle.com for help last year in improving their lead generation, we had the perfect solution – a split testing program focused on their main lead gen pages

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Simple Page Changes Can Result in Large Performance Improvements

Simple Page Changes

The A/B testing team here at Americaneagle.com has designed set-up and implemented hundreds of split tests over the years, but one of our favorite types of tests focuses on removing distractions and increasing page clarity.

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A/B Testing: What is it and why is it important?

corte-swearingen-director-ab-testing Corte Swearingen September 15, 2015 Comments

All too often, I see companies spend large portions of their digital marketing budget on PPC strategies that are driving traffic to a site with low conversion rates. If they just took a portion of that budget and used it to improve overall site conversion rate, they could drastically improve the ROI of their paid advertising spend.

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The Three Greatest Survey questions

The Three Greatest Survey Questions

Google Analytics is a great tool for understanding your website performance metrics and the trends over time. While Google Analytics is great at uncovering what visitors are doing on your site, it is a poor tool for understanding the actual motivations of your visitors.

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