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Corte Swearingen

Corte Swearingen

Corte has almost 25 years of strategic marketing experience and has held Director of eCommerce and Director of Marketing roles for both B2B and B2C companies. He has been with Americaneagle.com since 2012.

Since 1999, Corte’s focus has been the area of marketing analytics and the creative use of both quantitative and qualitative data to provide actionable insight for driving revenue and business value to clients. He is passionate about placing common sense frameworks around the often frenetic digital world and encourages his clients to spend time focusing on fundamental strategies in order to gain a deeper understanding of customer needs.

Corte is Google Analytics certified, OMCP (Online Marketing Certified Professional) Authorized, and has completed Market Motive practitioner certifications in web analytics, search engine optimization, social media, conversion optimization and pay-per-click advertising.

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Conquering Banner Blindness

Corte Swearingen March 11, 2016 Comments
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Have you ever heard the term “Banner Blindness?” It was coined a dozen years ago by researchers Jan Panero Benway and David Lane at Rice University. It refers to the phenomenon where a web page contains so many banners that visitors either consciously or subconsciously start ignoring them. Here’s a good example of it.

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A/B Testing: What is it and why is it important?

Corte Swearingen September 15, 2015 Comments

All too often, I see companies spend large portions of their digital marketing budget on PPC strategies that are driving traffic to a site with low conversion rates. If they just took a portion of that budget and used it to improve overall site conversion rate, they could drastically improve the ROI of their paid advertising spend.

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The Three Greatest Survey questions

Corte Swearingen July 15, 2015 Comments
The Three Greatest Survey Questions

Google Analytics is a great tool for understanding your website performance metrics and the trends over time. While Google Analytics is great at uncovering what visitors are doing on your site, it is a poor tool for understanding the actual motivations of your visitors.

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