Chris Marlowe


Chris is a self-taught developer who came from a background of animation and motion graphics. He loves the creativity coding provides and seeks to combine the two worlds.  He plans to bring his passion in animation to the forefront of the web by reimagining how a user interacts with the web today.

Outside of work Chris loves to spend as much time as he can with his wife and son.  He is a Runner, Youtuber, and Entrepreneur.  He also wakes up early every day of the week to learn something new or work on personal projects!  

How to clear your cache

Help! My Website isn’t Updating! – The Non-Tech Savvy Guide to Cache.

You’ve just made a bunch of changes to your web site – new brand colors, high-resolution images, fancy new buttons – and you pull your page up in a browser to admire the new look and….nothing.

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