Adam Wagner


Adam Wagner has been working in the web development industry since 2005 and joined in March 2007. As the technical manager of E-Commerce Front End Development, he’s responsible for all front-end accountabilities in the department, essentially working as a bridge between the project management team and the front-end development team to help architect and craft E-Commerce websites.

When he’s not learning a new tool, platform, or software used for e-commerce development, Adam loves spending time indoors or outdoors with his wife and son, drinking German beer, following his beloved Chicago Bears, being a serial guacamole eater, and stunt doubling for Zac Efron.

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A Digital Commerce Frontier

Is “Headless Commerce” just a fad, or is it indeed the future? Now that we know what headless commerce is and that it is not just a fad, let us dive right into something I’m super excited to discuss; BigCommerce’s API-driven Commerce-as-a-Service.

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Why Accessibility Matters for Your E-Commerce Solution

Let’s say you have a shiny new, beautifully designed E-Commerce storefront. This is it; you finally made your dream of selling Turntables for Kittens a reality by way of the internet. Congratulations! But, have you given accessibility any thought?

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