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"I can say that working with American Eagle was an excellent experience. Our organization has many disparate parts that you were able to help us streamline into a well-designed and intuitive whole. The design process was efficient with lots of give and take from our staff and each draft prod... Continue Reading

Tom McHenry

American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry
Magazine and Web Editor

Sitecore Development is a proud Certified Solution Partner for businesses seeking powerful content management and Sitecore development services!

Sitecore CMS Development and Implementation Services

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For mid to large enterprise clients in need of a flexible, powerful, and industry-recognized content management solution, is proud to be a Certified Solutions Partner for Sitecore, a leader in Web Content Management and Online Engagement. can seamlessly implement Sitecore's fantastic product offerings to produce a true Experience Platform. With over 50 Sitecore certified individuals on staff, has the unparalleled experience to implement your project.

Intuitive and easy to use, yet powerful, Sitecore's new interface delivers to the business, marketing, and technical users of the product precisely the right information and efficiencies needed. Casual users of the product get a sleek interface that allows them to freely navigate the site along with easy in-line editing on the chosen web page. More experienced and cultivated users can take advantage of a comparatively potent interface that includes metadata management, page design functionality, and workflow control. You choose the Sitecore development product, and will implement it and customize it to fit your business needs.

As a Certified Solutions Partner, has extensive experience successfully implementing powerful Sitecore systems!

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Implementation Services 

  • Design an effective user experience: 

    • Trumpeted by developers and editors for its amazing ease of use allows for the rapidly creation of engaging sites with this excellent new interface.

  • Convert business goals

    • can customize Experience CMS to meet your business goals, resulting in a well-thought out and organized online entity that will produce results.
    • Using best practices in setting up pages and workflows
    • Utilizing expert web design and best practices specific to Sitecore,'s implementation services include template design integration to allow for highly scalable designs and page layouts/components along with dynamic navigation.
  • Transfer content utilizing efficient rules 

    • Implementation of Sitecore's Media Library will allow the customer to easily manage and secure hundreds or thousands of text files, movies, images, PDFs, and more.

  • Back office integration

    • implementation services include integration with third-party e-commerce, ERP, email marketing, and other back office systems integral to an automated experience for the front end user and the Sitecore customer.

  • Set up proper profiles, rules, campaigns, tests to take advantage of the entire suite of tools

    • uses the engagement analytics to understand campaigns and site performance to gain insight on the end user, adjust to the data mined, and implement it. This results in optimized conversion rates and increased qualified lead generation.

  • Hosting set-up

    • will seamlessly implement the Sitecore product as well as setting up the hosting environment.
  • Training

    • Although very intuitive and easy to use, will also provide training for all of the workflow processes, from simple to complex, for all of the Sitecore products implemented.

Advantages, Benefits, Features of the Experience CMS (Content Management System):

  • Easy-to-Use Interface
  • Content Editing Design Flexibility
  • Community & Social Media
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Multisite Deployment

Advantages, Benefits, Features of the Sitecore Experience Marketing:

  • Experience Analytics
  • Print Experience Manager
  • Sales Intelligence
  • Email Marketing
  • Experience Automation

Your Marketing Initiative Working in Perfect Harmony

The new Sitecore 8 Experience Platform provides a comprehensive, integrated solution that uses external tools and databases to connect channels, engagement automation, and engagement analytics.

Combining the solid flexibility and stability of Sitecore's enterprise-class .NET Web Content Management System with powerful, marketing-centric tools, the Sitecore Experience Platform, implemented by, is a dynamic, powerful, results-driven solution. Sitecore Certified Solution Partner - Engagement Platform is proud to be a Certified Solutions Partner for Sitecore in order to provide Sitecore implemented products and services for mid to large scale enterprises in many different industries.

Learn more by visiting the Sitecore website.