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Suite Styles by Medline

Solution(s): Ecommerce Healthcare

Suite Styles is a uniform implementation program from Medline Industries. Suite Styles helps hospitals adhere to a “Color by Discipline” uniform program that assigns colors to different staff functions. Executing the Suite Styles program has allowed hospitals to increase patient satisfaction, patient safety, and the image of professionalism; for the patient, there is comfort in knowing the role of the staff member in the room.

Services Included:

Suite Styles needed a custom programmed solution that lets participating hospitals set up their own respective ecommerce sites, with unique members, items, disciplines (departments), pricing structure, and custom embroidery. In addition, each hospital site can customize their landing page with welcome text and graphics that match their branding, FAQs, embroidery templates, gift allowance (gift card) bank, and multiple facilities. Hospital employees can be imported via spreadsheet using a bulk import tool, and once added as a member, can be given permissions as needed. Another unique feature of the Suite Style stores is the Piece Allowance rules. Piece Allowances allow members to select a specified item set (for instance, 2 tops and 1 pair of pants) without needed to pay themselves, which in essence works as a gift allowance with item amounts instead of monetary amounts.