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Hobby Lobby is considered a leader in the arts and crafts industry with over 600 stores across the nation. Hobby Lobby was founded in 1972 with a mere 300 square feet of retail space and has been growing ever since.



Hobby Lobby wanted to begin by engineering advanced product taxonomy for the 65k+ products Hobby Lobby offers. The taxonomy helped clarify the navigation, which led to the second goal: a better user experience. The site also was in need of a full graphical redesign, with a unique arts and crafts feel to appeals to their target audience. The new site need a robust ecommerce and Content Management System (CMS) and integration with back end systems for a more streamlined internal process, especially for customer service teams.


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Americaneagle.com began by developing a fresh new graphical design that allowed for plenty of areas for showcasing products while incorporating various arts and crafts elements and textures. Next, advanced product taxonomy broke down the 65k+ products into into manageable and sortable categories, reducing the root departments from 14 to 10. Americaneagle.com's search and guided navigation platforms make it easier for the user to navigate and search shop.hobbylobby.com's vast inventory. The advanced menu also was designed to give clear access to the many categories within each of the departments. Now set up as a multi-site platform, Hobby Lobby's wholesale and consumer- facing sites are differentiated to the user, but for customer service representatives, all the data can be conveniently accessed from the same login. Finally, integration with a variety of internal backend systems, as well as tax systems and payment gateways, have maximized the new site's usability. Integration with Hobby Lobby's middleware means that the site is truly incorporated into all aspects of Hobby Lobby's processes.

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Hobby Lobby has surpassed all benchmarks in ecommerce sales and visits since the launch of the site. In just their first holiday weekend, Hobby Lobby saw a 41% increase in visitors with a 37% increase in unique visits. These increases in numbers have also led to a 27% increase in page views and greatly affected their overall sales. During the weekend of Black Friday, Hobby Lobby increased their transactions by 21%, revenue by 20% and unique purchases by 23%, when comparing to the same weekend the year before.

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