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Established in 1972, Club 21 Global is Asia’s leading purveyor of luxury fashion. With over 250 brands, 400 stores, and 3,800 employees across four continents, Club 21 offers wholesale distribution, sourcing, brand guardianship and vertical retail. Over the last four decades, Club 21 has expanded to locations in Australia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, the United Kingdom and the USA test



The main goals for the new website included broadening their audience by providing a multi-lingual site and complementing their brick and mortar expansion with an increased online customer base, while also making it easier for back end administrators to efficiently perform multiple tasks.


Graphic Design
idev® CMS
ROC Commerce
Web Analytics
Search Engine Optimization
Hosting Support
Mobile Responsive
Corporate Email
Advanced Marketing
Site Support
Site Security


As Club 21 Global spreads its high fashion offering to new borders, their ecommerce store can now augment their brick and mortar expansion while growing a new online customer base. The resulting platform includes 12 sites catering to 7 countries with additional languages coming soon, all managed via idev® CMS and ROC commerce. With idev, Club 21 administrators can manage inventory and orders, set the country-specific tax, duties, and shipping options, and promote with advanced marketing rules.

Customer Story

Club 21 Global

Ever true to its brand, implemented a new design that lives up to its haute couture merchandise. Just as the fashion staple the "little black dress" goes with everything, the site’s sophisticated functionality allow the products to shine. Visitors can easily find, sort, and view detailed product information with guided navigation tools, simplifying the path to checkout to maximize conversion rates. Finally, the site features a responsive design. Visitors accessing the site on any device view the same content, automatically formatted to the correct screen parameters.

Club 21 Homepage
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Club 21 Homepage
Club 21 Interior 4
Club 21 Mobile View
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