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Joint Commission Resources & International

Solution(s): Associations Healthcare Not-For-Profit Federal Agencies and GSA Contract

For more than 25 years, Joint Commission Resources (JCR) has been dedicated to helping hospitals, ambulatory care facilities, laboratories, home care agencies and other health care organizations prosper by improving the quality of care and patient safety. As the eCommerce arm of Joint Commission International, they help organizations focus on patient safety through solutions addressing their most pressing challenges such as infection prevention and control, medication safety, and the environment in which care is delivered.

Services Included:

Joint Commission sought out the team to create a multi-site eCommerce solution that is fully integrated with other necessary functionalities. All orders, members, shipments, refunds, credits, and more are integrated with a fulfillment house. Customer services representatives have access to a telesales functionality that is custom to the various different types of products. Other customizations, like pricing rules, multiple product types, a members section, and custom reporting help the site become not only the face of the Joint Commission Resource, but the engine as well.