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Dental Composites

Solution(s): Marketing & Informational

Cosmedent provides educational resources and industry-leading dental materials. Founded in 1982 by Dr. Buddy Mopper and Michael O'Malley, Cosmedent’s goal was to train dentists on the use of composite materials and inform the dental community of the vast possibilities of direct resin bonding, not only as a restorative material, but also as a cosmetic procedure that would meet the needs of image-conscious patients. After realizing the overwhelming inadequacies of existing materials, Cosmedent launched their own line of dental products which are now recognized and recommended worldwide by leading clinicians. is a free resource provided by Cosmedent to help dentists improve their skills with composite resins.

Services Included: built a thorough web strategy that accomplished’s goals of building awareness of Cosmedent and motivating users to link to the Cosmedent website from The site complements the Cosmedent site as a tool that can be used to improve customer service, broaden their customer base, stay connected with existing customers, and resonate with dentists and dental students.