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Capstone Young Readers

Solution(s): Ecommerce Schools

Capstone Publishing is a large publishing house that sells children titles to Schools and Teachers, Libraries and Librarians, and Re-sellers/Distributors. Capstone Young Readers is a new consumer-facing site that expands their titles to the general public.

Services Included:

In their first venture selling directly to the public, they enlisted’s help to create a robust ecommerce store that offers everything from nonfiction, fiction and picture books to interactive books, audio books, literacy programs, and digital media. The site features the idev® Ecommerce and idev® CMS platform, allowing administrators to manage inventory and orders, update content, offer promotions, and more. The re-imagined navigation facilitates quick discovery of products, whether viewing by age-appropriateness, subject, best-sellers, characters, authors, and more. The site is filled with custom features, like author pages, membership customizations and checkout options, related item modules, reviews and awards, one page checkout, video and multimedia, and integrations with multiple third-party systems.