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"…’s design dramatically improved our user’s perceptions of the Joint Commission website. A survey conducted after the new design was implemented showed a 35% increase in ease of use of the site from 66% to 89%. User’s overall experience with the website improved 20% from 76% to 91%..."

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Frank Barancyk

The Joint Commission
Internet/Intranet Communications Manager

idev® Intelligent Search

Ever get frustrated digging through a website? Yeah, us too. That's why we developed the idev® Intelligent Search system. Go ahead, give it a whirl.

Given that many website visitors prefer navigating a website via search rather than navigation menus, we recommend you take a look at the idev® Intelligent Search. The idev Intelligent Search is a technology that helps users locate information quicker and more efficiently and with fewer dead-end results. The idev Intelligent Search will help users search filter content to the sections or pages that correspond to their inputted keywords.

Features of the idev search include:

  • On-the-fly Search Results:  As the user types in keywords, the site can drop-down the closest matching results. Being able to find what it is that he/she is looking for as the user types will make searching quicker and less troublesome.
  • Search and Sort Filters:  Search filters will make search faster and more efficient for the user. They will include:
    • Sort by:
      • Most Popular
      • Newest First
      • Oldest First
      • Alphabetical
      • By Section
      • By File Type (Webpage, Pdf File, Etc.)
  • Other Articles/Products like This:  "More like this" will allow users to see other pages/content that are similar to the one displayed on the search results page.
  • Forced Featuring:  This allows you to force a link to the top of the page for specific keywords.
  • Spell Check:  Spell Check ensures that users that may have misspelled a word can find the content that they are looking for.
  • Narrow by Selection:  The idev Intelligent Search tool allows for quick selection by categories of search terms that appear in more than one location on a website. When typing a specific term the idev Intelligent Search tool will not only show which categories the term appears in, but also how many times the term is found in each respective category.
  • File-format Indicators:  The search results page will also include icons that indicate if the result is a document (Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel for example) or a link to a static page.
  • Search Term Reports:  The advanced tool includes: conversion tracking summary reports, multi-faceted search tracking, click tracking, and several other unique reports exclusive to your needs. There are numerous advanced reports which give administrators insight into how users are visiting and navigating through the Web site. For example:
    • Top 10 Search Terms:  This report shows the top ten terms that were searched and how many times each term was searched on the site.
    • Number of Unique Visitors Daily:  This report displays the number of unique visitors that visit the site daily (visitors that came for the first time). There is also a filter which will allow administrators to view their results as desired (by day, by week)

As with all idev products, we developed this tool to make things easier for you and for your website visitors. Contact us and explore how the idev Intelligent Search system can benefit your website.