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"We were looking for and achieved 4 goals for our homepage redesign: decrease bounce rates, increase conversion rates,improve navigation, and convey an image of authority and trust. Our analytics have proven we've met our goals."

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Michael Dominelli

Vice President

idev® Broadcast Email

Finally an integrated solution that makes sending e-mails to customers, leads, and subscribers EASY. 

A custom e-mail marketing tool from makes capturing, maintaining and messaging your customer database an easy and cost-effective tool in your marketing initiative.  The idev® Broadcast Email System is a Web-based system built on proven technology that has been developed and enhanced over the course of many years.  The system includes an easy-to-use icon-based interface and other treatments that  contribute to a highly usable and intuitive system that users of all technical skill levels can navigate quickly.  Moreover, the idev® Broadcast Email tool makes it easier than ever to effectively distribute attractive, sales-boosting, and targeted emails to email subscribers, customers, leads, etc.       

Some highlights of the idev® Broadcast Email System include:

  • Top-Notch technical attributes: Unsurpassed reliability, performance and deliverability in today's fast-changing email industry.
    • Live updates keep your system current with ever-changing domain policies, including bounce filter definitions and recommended domain throttling configurations. 
    • Platform also supports all leading authentication standards, including Sender ID, SPF and DomainKeys/DKIM, which are key technologies used to fight spam and spoofing.
  • User-friendly style interface
  • Flexible and robust reporting tools:  Robust level of delivery statistics that help manage effectiveness of marketing campaigns.
  • Versatile:  Email contacts are managed via SOAP Web Services and / or export/import processed that are part of the site. This ensures that the broadcast email system can be integrated with any website.
  • Scalable, too!:  The license for this technology can be upgraded to manage million of contacts and send millions of emails per hour.

These are just a few of the many advantages of our email system.  Are you ready for a full demo of the idev® Broadcast Email System?  Contact us TODAY to learn how you can start taking advantage of this powerful tool.