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"With such a large and diverse organization, choosing an experienced, proven website developer to design, host, and maintain our website was crucial. From initial consulting to really getting into what we needed for our complex network, had the experience and knowledge to c... Continue Reading

Todd Roby

US Youth Soccer
Director of Marketing and Communications


The great debate has always been: established software vs. custom solution. Meet idev®, the perfect blend of both. has more than 15 years of website development experience, and we unveiled the idev® platform back in 2005. The idev system is comprised of a wide variety of products with a central focus of enabling businesses, organizations, and government to achieve their website strategies.

The idev suite of tools include:

idev® CMS

The idev Content Management System (CMS) is a Microsoft ASP.NET-based CMS that empowers websites with a variety of features and functionality in an extremely easy-to-use administrative interface. The idev CMS enables approved administrators to easily update content throughout the website using word-processor-style tools and simple prompts using drop-down fields and drag and drop functionality. Want to learn more? Take a tour of the idev CMS and see how easily you could be managing YOUR website content.

idev® E-commerce Platform

Retailers of all sizes and industries have turned to and the idev E-Commerce system in order to fully achieve their online goals. idev provides a complete e-commerce platform and is the perfect solution for everything from online donations for an association to B2C/B2B companies with millions of transactions. In addition to allowing site administrators to easily engage visitors and manage all aspects of the storefront, the idev platform is fully integrated with the Content Management System, enabling you to control your entire website through one system. Learn more about the idev E-Commerce Platform.

idev® Broadcast Email System

Email remains one of the most effective outreach tactics for just about any type of website, and the idev Broadcast Email System empowers you with a wide range of tools to achieve and measure your email marketing goals. idev is an excellent system with which to send newsletters, announcements, promotions, etc. Check out the idev Broadcast Email System in order to better reach your audiences.

idev® Multimedia Station

Ready to move beyond text? The idev Multimedia Station allows you to provide your visitors with a one-stop-shop for all streaming media on your website, including audio and video. Streaming media is an ideal means for providing information from various channels in an organized and structured format and engaging your visitors on an entirely different level. The idev Multimedia Station leverages both live and on-demand streaming, and as with our other idev tools, the idev Multimedia Station is fully integrated with the Content Management System. Learn more about the idev Multimedia Station.

idev® Intelligent Search

As any website grows and evolves, navigation and search become more and more important. The idev Intelligent Search tool is an advanced search utility that will enable your visitors to sift through your content quickly and efficiently. Intelligent search is vital for any content-heavy association or government agency as well as for e-commerce websites with more than 500 products. Two key strengths of the idev Intelligent Search are the ability to customize the search parameters and the full integration with the idev CMS and e-commerce platforms. Take a look at the features of the idev Intelligent Search system and start leveraging intelligent search on YOUR website.