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"With implementation of the idev® CMS, we were able to set up multiple roles for our many administrators, from editors to writers, easily and quickly. We have over 100,000 articles on our site and many new articles added daily, and the idev® CMS has proved powerful and flexible enough to fit our needs. It’s eliminated the need for duplicate publishing: in one step, content shows across multiple properties."

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Hyler Cooper

Farm Journal Media
Senior Vice President, eMedia

Business Management Software (including ERP)

Typically business-management software provide companies and organizations tools for managing all of their resources including but not limited to: customers, products, accounting, warehousing and other "back office" needs.  These Partners vary in terms of size and offerings.

  • VLC Solutions LLC

    VLC Solutions LLC

    VLC is a IT Consulting and Business Process improvement company delivering solutions for managing local to global businesses, combining the lower cost of ownership of business solutions with a modern approach to applications. VLC delivers Distribution,E-commerce,Manufacturing,Professional Service and Retail solutions along with business process improvements for mid-sized and Fortune 500 companies. VLC's next generation system-of-processes leverages standards-based integration and provides a new enterprise foundation for companies.

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  • Jesta I.S.

    Jesta I.S.

    Jesta I.S. is a leading supplier of enterprise business solutions for retailers, manufacturers and distributors in the apparel, footwear and specialty industries worldwide. Jesta I.S. is recognized for its expertise, innovative products and services as well as its commitment to delivering efficient business solutions in today’s consumer-oriented marketplace

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  • Open Systems, Inc.

    Open Systems, Inc.

    Open Systems mission is to provide adaptable business solutions that empower our clients to meet their objectives effectively.

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  • MNP


    An enterprise back office retail platform for mid sized retailers. ActiveSeries provides order management (OMS), warehousing (WMS) and a purchasing solution (IMS) that ensures real time multi channel inventory, operational efficiency with real time business intelligence. The platforms are flexible, scalable and decrease time to revenue.

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  • Circle Commerce, Inc

    Circle Commerce, Inc

    Circle Commerce Manager has EVERY module and component that you need in your Order Management System, including a direct interface to all shipping carriers, eliminating the need for a manifest system! 


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