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"We have made great strides in our business with the integration of a new ERP system and redesigned website. Instead of manually collecting data, our ERP now provides automated reports and helps us better manage inventory and purchasing. Our redesigned website allows us to do much more than we could before in areas of marketing, customization and design."

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Peilin Pratt
Vice President is dedicated to providing high quality service to our customers. The rules and regulations that follow are necessary in order to continue providing the best possible service as well as to ensure that we are fulfilling our legal and ethical duties.

Failure to abide by the policies listed below will result in suspension of broadcast e-mail services and could lead to possible legal action.

Obtaining and Maintaining e-mail Addresses does not allow customers to rent, lease, or otherwise obtain e-mail lists from companies, individuals, organizations or Websites (other than those that are owned) that do not indicate that the customer will be subscribed to that specific e-mail list. obtains e-mail addresses from customers who legally purchase or obtain e-mail addresses from their own registration page.

Likewise, customers cannot rent, lease, sell, or otherwise give e-mail lists to other 3rd party companies, individuals, organizations, or affiliates. verifies valid e-mail addresses of true owners based on bounce-backs. When an e-mail address bounces back, we remove that address from the list.

Policies Pertaining to Soft (4xx) and Hard (5xx) SMTP Response Codes/Bounce Messages removes all e-mail addresses from our mail server or list if e-mails to them bounce.

In order for an e-mail address to be considered inactive and subject to removal from our list, we require 4 bounces for soft and 1 bounce for hard. Once these bounce limits are reached, we will remove the e-mail addresses from our list immediately.

There are no circumstances under which we would ignore the standard definitions (4xx) being temporary and (5xx) being permanent.

Other Policies
Customers agree to follow the specifications as listed within the Federal Anti-Spam Laws.

In accordance with the "CAN SPAM Act" effective since 2004, customers must include an "opt-out" mechanism on every e-mail sent which allows recipients to unsubscribe from e-mails. Correspondingly, every opt-out request must be honored by customer.

If a user requests removal from a customer e-mail list, we will remove their e-mail address within 24 hours, or immediately if the user clicks an unsubscribe link.

Once a user is removed from our e-mail list, the corresponding e-mail address is completely erased from our database. Customer must remove it from their database as well if kept separately.

To authenticate mailings, the e-mail addresses need to be valid, with valid customer information. In order to be sent, it also needs to contain information of how to unsubscribe from the list.