Make Sure You're Prepared For Any Security Threats!

In its April 2014 Internet Security Threat Report, Symantec declared 2013 the “Year of the Mega Breach”. Supporting their findings, the authors noted rampant Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attacks, that 77% of all public web sites scanned as a part of the study were identified as vulnerable with one in eight of those affected by known critical vulnerabilities, and that the average time to patch published critical vulnerabilities was estimated to be four days.


Is Content King?

You blog. You tweet. You post. You pin. You upload. You obsess over analytic numbers, checking likes, views, and shares on a frequent basis. But as you may have discovered, having high analytic numbers does not mean that your product is selling like hotcakes.


Why Scoring Member Engagement Matters

Engagement—what does it really mean? Why is it important? How does it apply to my organization? In the association industry, leaders often think that because members are paying their monthly dues on time or registering for an annual conference or governing a board of members, they’re actively involved and engaged—but could they be doing more?


Accessibility In The World Wide Web

The web has grown a lot over the past 20+ years since it became available to the public. With this growth the visual experience for users has matured as well. Sometimes we forget how different sites used to be but taking a look at Space Jam always reminds me how much more complex sites have become.


New Look for a New Year

Since it’s January and our New Year’s Resolutions are still at the top of our minds, I wanted to share four ways you can refresh your website with a new look. These are sometimes overlooked and it’s important to keep them in mind!


Why Should You Use Infographics for Your Marketing Campaigns?

In the ecommerce world, content remains king although it has taken on fresh looks that are more effective in this modern age and time. Infographics are one of these new ways to interestingly present content.

Why You Should Consider Selling Internationally

If you are an online retailer, you may have thought about opening your business to international markets, but have been daunted by some of the barriers to doing so – language translations, currency exchange, payment processing, shipping rates, duties and taxes, etc. A recent article in Forbes Magazine looked at why so many businesses avoid the global ecommerce market, and why they should reconsider.


Unlocking Shopper Behavior & Boosting Your Cart Conversions

Google’s Shopper Analysis report allows you to gain invaluable, up to the moment, clear insight and understanding into the nitty gritty details of consumer behavior. With this report, customer product engagement, viewing, cart initiations, abandonments, payment methods, and transaction completions are no longer a mystery. Remarketing campaigns will become your go to tool as you work to capture any lost sales.


Best Practices for Digital Experience Management

Digital experience management is the collection of processes and technology used to provide a consistent experience to customers across all channels. These channels may consist of email, social, web, mobile, and video.


Introducing Sitecore XP 8

Sitecore promised us at Symposium in September this year that they would be releasing Sitecore platform version 8 and I’m happy to report that it finally arrived this past Friday!


6 Tips to Creating a Compelling Online Experience

Companies large and small now turn to launching online communities, in an effort to create a more cohesive and compelling online experience. Here are six tips for how organizations can build a truly effective online presence that also drives customer engagement...



It’s that time of year again – the Holiday Season is already upon us and in full swing. The winter holidays make up one of the biggest and most important times of the year for consumers and businesses alike. And if you haven’t shifted your online marketing into full gear, you probably should…