Ecommerce Is Trending. Is Your Web Store Ready For Followers?

Retailers that have both a physical store and an online presence report a 23% increase in sales on average. Yet, a recent survey shows that 40% of merchants still aren’t satisfied that their websites have met their revenue generation potential. So what will it take to get customers to come to your site, stay and shop?


Are You Neglecting the Most Effective Marketing Channel?

In today’s technology and social media obsessed society, many marketers now focus on connecting and engaging with their audience via Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and whatever other social channels that seem to be the current fad.Email marketing has become the neglected one in the current environment.


The Four Prongs of Building a Better Web Experience

Let’s face it, consumers expect your website to load quickly. The problem is that performance improvement for web experiences can be a monster. Where do you start?


Should Your Company Have a Blog?

Should you create a company blog? The answer is yes! Blogging gives you the opportunity to share topics of interest with your customers and your readers.

Email In The Mobile Age

One of the biggest reasons smartphones took off early on with Windows Mobile and Blackberry was due to the demand of needing access to emails while on-the-go. Today, for many, it is hard to imagine not having access to email wherever you may be.


Do you know how your customers are interacting while shopping in your store?

Do you ever wonder what pages your users are viewing or what page the users are on when they click away to another site? There are analytics programs available (such as Google Analytics) to help website owners view how customers traverse pages on their websites.

Struggling with Customer Engagement? Audience Personas Could be the Key to Success

You spent an appalling amount of time creating content, trying to engage with the online community and posting social network updates, but have nothing to show for it. You even updated your website to include all the latest bells and whistles. What are you doing wrong?


Click Navigation: A Thought Experiment

What approach for site navigation shows the most pros for the largest amount of users? There are many ways a user could interact with a web page, but let’s focus on the main two that you see online… hover and click.


Responsive: Beyond the Surface

What does responsive really mean and do we fully understand what goes behind it? Is there right or wrong content for responsive design?


Partner Talk: Security Solutions with Incapsula

With hackers on the rise, protecting your website and keeping it secure is vital. has partnered with Incapsula to help protect our client’s sites. Incapsula is the leader of a new category of business security solutions that protects critical applications and data from theft, insider abuse, and fraud. Incapsula provides solutions for controlling and monitoring all data usage and business transactions across the data center.


Google Rewards Websites For Being Secure

As more and more stories come out about major websites and credit card companies being hacked, it has become more apparent that you need to do as diligent as possible to prevent your data from ending up in the wrong hands. Google has recognized this and they’re now giving a rankings boost to any site that is using encryption, by default, on their pages.


Page Load: Users Are Waiting

With smartphones at one’s fingertips and wireless access almost everywhere, users are wanting to use your site now. And there are aspects of your site that could very well be making them wait.