How Do You Brainstorm?

When project managers are starting a project they typically discuss what other websites the customer likes, budgetary considerations, and/or goals and objectives. For account managers, we frequently want to know why customers want certain changes, or what they envision for their end-users. All of these questions help us to paint a quick and understandable picture.


Best Practices for Your Content Strategy (Part 1)

You’ve heard it before – “Content is King”. A cliché for sure, but it is for a good reason. It’s true. In a previous post we talked about how content IS king, BUT…it is nothing without a strategic plan! You can blast content across the web until you’re blue in the face, but no one will care to listen if it’s not what they’re looking for.


Google Mobile Web: Are you listening yet?

So you saw all the news headlines on how Google “might” give an SEO boost to mobile friendly sites, and you said to yourself that you would think about moving to a mobile friendly website. Then you saw that Google was starting to use a new mobile friendly format, and it reminded you that you had to figure out what to do about converting to a mobile site. Then, finally, mobile usability reports show up in webmaster tools, and you are starting to consider what to do....


5 Mistakes to Avoid When Growing Your Blog

There may be some online marketers today who no longer believe in the power of blogging to promote their business. However, there are a lot more who argue against this position. Many remain steadfast in their belief that blogging is one of the most valuable elements that every business must invest in and continuously develop in order to get ahead.


Better Customer Service Starts on Your Website

Imagine being able to reduce your customer service costs while at the same time increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty. Most customer service initiatives help with one at the expense of the other.


3 Reasons to Unleash the Power of Pinterest

Pinterest is incredibly simple and can make a huge difference for your business as it’s exceptional at driving traffic to your site and generating more leads and sales. Here are 3 key reasons why you need to consider Pinterest for your business today.


Google Analytics: Adding Value to Your Site

Google Analytics is, in essence, a data dump of your site. It can quickly get overwhelming, intimidating, or confusing if you don’t know where to look. Hopefully the following will help you decipher this information!


Preventing Navigational Overload

“Too much of a good thing is bad,” is a phrase I am sure many of you have heard at least once in your life. While the phrase may be a bit cliché, there is some truth to it. It is something that I have seen on many sites in my time. You visit an ecommerce site only to be overwhelmed by a multitude of site marketing and hundreds or thousands of hierarchical navigation links. You may have an idea of what you want, but have no idea how to get to it.


Building an Integrated Loyalty Program that Works Online and Offline

It’s no secret that gaining a new customer is always harder than getting an existing customer to buy again. In marketing parlance, this is referred to as instilling customer loyalty and driving repeat purchases from existing customers. Customer loyalty increases customer retention, maximizes engagement and drives up customer spend. In this blog post, let’s explore how an integrated loyalty program across online and offline channels can work wonders for marketers and drive up sales.


Maximizing Word-of-Mouth Promotion Using Google Plus

Experienced marketers from around the world would agree just how important word of mouth is when it comes to the world of advertising. It's not only free of charge, but very effective too. After all, most people usually believe and trust those who are close to them and they like. This type of promotion can work like magic!


Make Sure You're Prepared For Any Security Threats!

In its April 2014 Internet Security Threat Report, Symantec declared 2013 the “Year of the Mega Breach”. Supporting their findings, the authors noted rampant Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attacks, that 77% of all public web sites scanned as a part of the study were identified as vulnerable with one in eight of those affected by known critical vulnerabilities, and that the average time to patch published critical vulnerabilities was estimated to be four days.


Is Content King?

You blog. You tweet. You post. You pin. You upload. You obsess over analytic numbers, checking likes, views, and shares on a frequent basis. But as you may have discovered, having high analytic numbers does not mean that your product is selling like hotcakes.