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Company History

34 years in the IT world
19 years in Website development
Launching projects daily has been in the computer business since 1978. We started with software publishing for the Apple II market, then shifted to servicing and installing local and wide-area networking, including the selling of complete computer and network systems from scratch, using our own brand computers or other customer-specified brands. In this time period we became very well known for our expertise in both hardware and software solutions.

As the computer industry evolved, so too did Looking to the future, we strategically shifted our focus to website strategy, development, and maintenance. Since 1995, we have developed more than 5,000 Internet sites, Intranets, or online applications for virtually all types of businesses, including Fortune 500, small and medium size businesses, government, and associations. 

With our experience, we are able to provide our clients with the most comprehensive Web services and support available. Our clients have the knowledge that everything is done in house, so if there is a problem, whether it be hardware, software, programming, connectivity, or the updating of their sites, we have the capabilities and resources to attain an expedited resolution.

In addition to experience, another cornerstone of our success is our dedication to customer service. While many companies talk about customer service, actually delivers the best possible service in the industry. Please read testimonials of our website customers, which are located throughout the site on the left side of the page, and visit our online portfolio for examples of our satisfied customers. We hope to add you to that portfolio soon.